6 Questions with BCN Telecom's Jenny Ruttman

TBI Highlights Woman of the Channel, Jenny Ruttman of BCN Telecom 

Jenny Ruttman is currently the Marketing & Sales Enablement Manager at BCN and has over 15 years of B2B-focused marketing experience spanning many industries. 

She’s worked within the telecom partner channel for almost seven years.  In her role, Jenny continues to drive marketing strategy by supporting business partners as a marketing consultant to their business.  

Jenny Ruttman BCN Telecom

What do you love about your job?

I really enjoy working with my sales directors and their business partners on marketing activities to help drive their business! I’m always supporting them as an extension of their business and a complimentary marketing consultant. Not everyone has the time or resources to drive marketing, and that’s where I come in.   

What do you like about working with TBI?

I’ve worked with TBI for many years now and have always enjoyed and admired their innovation! The working relationship we have has helped propel us to the level of partnership we have today. There’s no limit to our success together.

Favorite Quote: 

“There really is no such thing as failure. Only the rearrangement of plans, and the surrender of ego.”  - Suzanne Falter-Barns

What is a key tidbit you give to others? 

When it comes to marketing, ask for help from TBI and their amazing team of marketers. You can also reach out to supplier marketing departments for assistance as well. We love to help!

Favorite vacation/getaway destination? 

I was very impressed with Madrid, Spain. So much history, not too touristy, and I was able to see a Real Madrid game!  

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Teleportation! I would absolutely love to be able to quickly go from one location to the other to see business partners or co-workers at events! 

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