6 Questions with Comcast Business' Iris Martell

TBI Highlights Woman of the Channel, Iris Martell of Comcast Business. 

Iris Martell is a Regional Channel Manager for Comcast Business.  She is a 17-year telecom veteran with several top performer and over achievement awards to her credit.  Prior to Comcast, Iris helped launch and grow other channel programs for multiple providers.  She is a graduate of Benedictine University with a degree in Business Organization.

Iris was born and raised in Chicago, IL and moved to Michigan about five years ago to start a family.  She loves spending time with family and friends and entertaining at home.  After her own personal struggles with infertility, she gave birth to her now 2-year-old daughter. Because of this, Iris became an infertility advocate; she feels it is important to be vocal about infertility and help others feel like they are not alone. 

Iris Martell Comcast Woman of Channel

What do you love about your job?

The opportunity to focus on the big picture of my partners’ business goals and be a part of that strategy. I love having the privilege to get to work with amazing and unique individuals.

What do you like about working with TBI?

THE PEOPLE! TBI is truly amazing to work with, and I've had the privilege of their support the last ten years of my career. They are all dedicated to supporting their partners and each other. 

Favorite Quote: 

“When you focus on the good, the good gets better.”

What is a key tidbit you give to others? 

Always surround yourself with empowering women that lift you up and are truly your cheerleaders. They will challenge you, make you laugh, make you better and make you happy!

Favorite vacation/getaway destination? 

Anywhere quiet and tropical to be able to unplug from the day-to-day and enjoy time with family and friends.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Healing – you could not only get rid of minor inquiries like cuts and bruises but also ease the pain of people suffering from serious illnesses.

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