6 Questions with Lauren Grenier from Granite Telecommunications

TBI celebrates notable industry leaders and professionals making an impact in telecom. Learn more about Woman of the Channel, Lauren Grenier, from Granite Telecommunications.

Lauren Grenier is the Marketing Director at Granite Telecommunications, in Quincy, MA. She rose quickly through the ranks at Granite when she first started in 2012 from social media manager to sales coordinator to channel marketing manager. Her top performance earned her recognition as Employee of the Month out of more than 2,000 team members in 2017. Lauren was also a recipient of the Channel Partners 2020 Circle of Excellence Award and has been listed on The Channel Co CRN The Most Powerful Women of the Channel: Power 100 in 2019 and 2020.

Grenier is active in the channel community and was recently elected as a board member of the Alliance of Channel Women. She currently serves as Co-chair of the Newsletter Committee and was recently named Chair of the Communications Committee. Her involvement in ACW earned her back-to-back invitations to emcee ACW’s flagship member event, which hosts more than 200 women in tech for an evening of education and networking. In 2019, Grenier received the ACW ACT Award for her volunteer contributions to the organization.

Philanthropy is a major passion for Grenier, who participates in Granite’s many charitable programs. Outside of telecom, she is a board member and a volunteer marketing manager of the Quincy Animal Shelter and is on the Boston Children’s Hospital Kidding Around Committee.

What do you love about your job?

What I love about my job is what I get to do every day, where I get to work every day, and who I get to work every day -  it couldn’t be more sympactico! With marketing I get to see the value and results of the work I do. I also get to do the fun part including traveling, social media, learning new creative and technical trends in the industry (which happen very often!), and more! All while creating a space to help the company and sales team succeed.  
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What do you like about working with TBI?

The team at TBI is great to work with and so innovative with their business strategy. Your videos are the best!!! Their marketing team truly positions success for their partners and suppliers together. The way their team supports their partners only results in wins. It’s so important to have a relationship and connection with a team who not only creates and helps drive a great professional relationship, but also takes the time and makes it personal too. That is the gold standard and TBI does just that!

Favorite Quote: 

"Nothing is Impossible. The word itself says I’m Possible."– Audrey Hepburn

What is a key tidbit you give to others? 

It’s so important to find a work-life balance. It keeps the creativity going and it’s so important to do self-care.

Favorite vacation/getaway destination? 

Rockport, MA!

Do you have a goal outside of your career that you'd like to achieve?

I just love traveling and seeing the world. I really want to make sure I see as much as I can – fill up my map, spend some good time in Italy especially!


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