6 Questions with Lauri Martinez from PGi

TBI celebrates notable industry leaders and professionals making an impact in telecom. Learn more about Woman of the Channel, Lauri Martinez, from PGi.

Lauri Martinez has over 20 years in B2B marketing within the IT & Telecommunications industries.  Within these roles, Lauri was responsible for developing and managing various channel marketing programs; creating and executing regional marketing strategies for direct and indirect sales teams; creating sales enablement tools to assist in progressing pipeline; and running over 100 marketing consultations with various IT and Telecom organizations. Currently, Lauri is the Sr. Director of Field, Channel & Customer Marketing at PGi where she handles all market with, to and through campaigns for the channel organization, assists with new partner acquisitions, manages all field marketing campaigns and works with various teams on wallet share growth and churn reduction initiatives for PGi’s customers . In addition, Lauri oversees PGi’s voice of the customer initiatives, focusing on developing quotes, positive reviews and customer advocacy for PGi and their GlobalMeet virtual event solutions.

What do you love about your job? 

Lauri Martinez

In a nutshell – everything.  In having multiple roles with channel, field and customer marketing – it keeps the job interesting.  I get to be involved in a lot of different activities and that keeps things fresh and exciting.  Throw in the fact that we’re a virtual events company so there are even more opportunities to think outside the box when it comes to marketing.

What do you like about working with TBI?

 The entire team at TBI is always willing to help PGi get our message out there.  Whether It’s participating (virtually right now of course) in TBI events (both the Big Event and some of the more targeted regional events), working with the Omni Center for lead qualification, or fun things like “Coffee with Corey”, we value the true partnership we have with TBI.

Favorite Quote: 

This quote was literally my senior quote in HS, but I reference it often because it rings true every day:  "It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.”  — Dr. Robert Hutchings Goddard (An American rocketry pioneer)

What is a key tidbit you give to others? 

DISCONNECT!  I’m horrible about shutting down and making time for myself.  I have had to learn that disconnecting, (whether from work, family or other obligations), is not selfish, but rather a great way to truly recharge my batteries so I can get back to giving it my “all”.

Favorite vacation/getaway destination? 

I am not a person who can stand a long flight, so my favorite quick getaway destination is Laguna Beach California.  Lately, I’ve added Dallas TX and Sheridan WY to my list as well, since I have one grandbaby in each of those cities 😊

Do you have a goal outside of your career that you'd like to achieve?

Up until a few years ago it was learning to play the bagpipes! I kind of put that idea on hold when I realized I would probably alienate my entire family, but in this rather strange year I’m considering adding it back to my bucket list.


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