6 Questions with MetTel's Victoria Welichko

TBI celebrates notable industry leaders and professionals making an impact in telecom. Learn more about Woman of the Channel, Victoria Welichko, from MetTel.

Victoria has been a part of the channel for the entirety of her adult career! After graduating from Montclair State University with a Marketing and Management degree, Victoria started her career as an inside account manager at a large value added reseller supporting higher education accounts. She then made an internal career shift to follow her goals of becoming a marketer by supporting all public sector field events, programs and sales enablement. Victoria was recently brought on to MetTel’s Marketing Team as the only Field Marketing Manager where she supports field events, webinars and field strategy for channel sales, enterprise direct sales and federal government sales.


What do you love about your job? 

Because MetTel’s Marketing Team is on the smaller side, I love that I can dip my toe in to many different aspects of marketing for a successful company! Also – coming from a background of needing a general understanding of many different IT solutions, I love the fact that I can hone in my attention to a more specific portfolio of products and solutions. I am really learning a lot!

Victoria Welichko

What do you like about working with TBI?

In the short amount of time that I have been lucky to work with TBI, I have only had positive experiences! Everyone on the marketing team has been incredibly helpful in getting information to me, setting up (and then ultimately changing) plans for 2020, before and during the global pandemic. TBI has been extremely accommodating and responsive, and has definitely made my job easier this year!

Favorite Quote: 

“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key.” – “Already Gone”, Eagles

What is a key tidbit you give to others? 

To kind of piggyback off my favorite quote, a key tidbit that I would give to others is if you are ever feeling unhappy or unfulfilled, look intrinsically to find out why and then make a change! Never feel bad or feel scared for going with your gut and making a change. You should always be the leader of own life. The change will always be worth it in the end.

Favorite vacation/getaway destination? 

Anywhere with a beach and a pretty view! I love being in the sun and warm weather. A trip to Bali is definitely on my bucket list!

Do you have a goal outside of your career that you'd like to achieve?

One of my goals for 2020 was to finish 40 books by the end of the year! I am currently on #18, only slightly behind schedule.


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