6 Questions with RingCentral's Amanda Jardine

Telecom Master Agent and technology distributor TBI highlights Woman of the Channel, Amanda Jardine from RingCentral.

Amanda has been in the indirect channel marketing game for almost 20 years, starting out at Qwest Communications when the channel team and concept was just starting.

Fast forward a few years, and Amanda has had the opportunity to build and manage channel marketing teams at Qwest, CenturyLink, and Level 3. She is continuing that now as Director of Channel Programs at RingCentral. A native of Ontario, Canada, Amanda moved to the US after university and has lived in Denver, CO since then.  Her household consists of a husband, a horse and some backyard chickens. 


Amanda Jardine RingCentralWhat do you love about your job? 

My team!  Building and managing a team of talented, dedicated professional marketers is my passion and makes my job so rewarding - their enthusiasm, creativity and hard work directly benefits our partners and their customers. Having the industry leading product also makes our job pretty great.

What do you like about working with TBI? 

From a marketing perspective, I love the fact that TBI continues to be easy to work with and is also continually implementing new go-to-market initiatives for their vendors. The catalog of “free” items included with their marketing sponsorship helps us stretch our marketing budget and reach a wider audience. Also, the relationships we have with TBI go pretty far back for a lot of us, so the consistency of their channel team is definitely an asset.

Favorite Quote: 

“There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne.” – Bette Davis

What is a key tidbit you'd give to others? 

If you are just starting out in your career, the channel is a great place to be. If you’ve been in the industry for quite some time, the channel is still full of opportunity. The continued growth and potential of the indirect route to market provides many possibilities for career changes, diversification and growth.

Favorite vacation/getaway destination? 

This is a tough call, but I’m currently working on visiting horse-racing tracks in as many different countries as possible. So far I’ve hit UK, Ireland, France, Hong Kong, UAE, Argentina, the US, and Canada.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Be able to predict the future.


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