6 Questions with Verizon's Irene Paitakes

TBI celebrates notable industry leaders and professionals making an impact in telecom. Learn more about Woman of the Channel, Irene Paitakes, from Verizon.

Irene is the Nat’l Channel Manager for the Business Agent Program, responsible for sales, strategy, execution and the client relationship.  Her focus is on maximizing growth and profitability by leveraging the unique distribution and capabilities of TBI's partner ecosystem, making Verizon a market leader in the Channel space. 

Irene is a veteran with Verizon, starting her career in 1988, and holding multiple leadership positions including Director for Verizon’s largest distribution channels including: company owned communication stores, indirect national retail and agent distribution.  Additionally, she spent 6 years with Verizon Enterprise Solutions leading one of the largest vertical sales teams in the Media & Entertainment space responsible for voice, data, security, cloud & professional services to the tune of $100M in annual sales.

Irene is a people person who cares greatly about delivering best possible outcomes to all she comes in contact with.  Irene loves to travel, is fluent in both English & Greek and cherishes quality time with her family & friends.

Irene holds a Business Administration degree in Economics from Montclair University and lives in Belmar, NJ.


What do you love about your job? Irene Paitakes

The Personal Connection...  Being 100% authentically committed to the people I am working with and helping.

What do you like about working at TBI?

I love working with TBI... TBI has a great culture where they truly connect with this personal commitment to both their partners and vendors.  TBI makes it personal... and when you have that, you win in so many ways.  Because of this, I feel I can never do enough for them!

Favorite Quote: 

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory"  Dr. Seuss

What is a key tidbit you give to others? 

The secret of happiness is by helping others... in both our personal and professional lives.

Favorite vacation/getaway destination? 

Chania, Crete- Greece... my family lives there.

Do you have a goal outside of your career that you'd like to achieve?

To make sure I played a significant role in helping my mother live her "best possible" rest of life.  My mother is my role model, my example of what "beauty inside & out" looks like, my confidant, biggest supporter and best friend.  She doesn't believe I owe this to her and that's why I DO.


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