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Last week, we hosted the third webinar in our bimonthly series focused on technology convergence and what it means to the channel community (watch the recorded webinar here).

In, “How to Sell Cloud as a Business Technology Adviser: Part 1”, TBI Director of Sales Adam Knudsen and Sales Trainer Dave Landsberger discussed how partners can serve their customers as a technology navigator, guiding them through the cloud landscape.

With cloud in particular, according to Knudsen and Landsberger, there are three things channel professionals must understand about their customers that will enable them to offer the strategic and consultative technology solutions that will set them apart from their competition:

  1. Size of the prospective customer's business
  2. The prospect’s role: Are you speaking with the director of IT or the CEO?
  3. Industry the prospect is in

Light BulbSo how does understanding who your prospect is allow you to provide the right solutions for this potential customer?

For starters, let’s take a look at company size. Often times, when you’re proposing cloud solutions, managed applications will work best for smaller companies or those with less than 100 employees. These include applications like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Lync and SharePoint, and hosted exchange and webmail.

If the customer is larger than 100 employees though, you will likely be expanding into more customized solutions which will depend on further conversations you have with the company’s IT director. Our recommendation in speaking with the director of IT is to drive down to this single question: What does success mean to you?

Again, the most important thing is to know your customer. Hear what he has to say. Understand his definition of success because only then can you provide him with the products and services to achieve that success. Remember, this customer’s concerns are unique to his business, his company size, his industry, and his particular role. He doesn’t want a one-size fits all solution; he wants a solution that speaks directly to his pain-points.

When you focus on your customer as an individual you are showing yourself to be more than a salesperson; you are proving yourself to be a technology adviser. And that is exactly what your customer is looking for. As always, TBI is here to help you become that adviser; to become well versed in the technology solutions your customers need and in some cases, the solutions they don’t even know they need.

To watch the recorded webinar in its entirety, click here.

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In the next webinar "How to Sell Cloud as a Business Technology Adviser: Part 2", we focus on how to pitch cloud to the C-suite.


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