An Exclusive with Teligistics

This morning TBI announced a very exciting business partnership: An exclusive relationship with Houston-based Teligistics.

Teligistics is in the telecommunications sourcing and expense management business. They assist Fortune 1000 companies reduce the complexity of purchasing telecom services and work to keep service providers honest by making sure they adhere to the fine print details of multiyear, often multifaceted and confusing, contract language.

For example, Teligistics is there to develop and manage a company’s complete request for pricing (RFP) process. They secure the most favorable service provider contracts available anywhere. They bring a keen eye to the often unwieldy telecom service procurement, management, and billing process. They can even offer method and order to what for many companies is an exploding part of their telecom spend: wireless services.

Teligistics’ work for a Fortune 100 retailer provides an illustration. Using their patented Telibid™ tool, Teligistics launched an RFP for a global 8,600-location company in less than 90 days; managed over 140,000 rate entries from 16 different providers; completed contract negotiations in 60 days; and converted the entire network in just six months. The result? More than $51 million a year in telecom savings and a 30% increase in network capacity.

All of this is why we are excited by the opportunity to offer Teligistics’ services on an exclusive basis to our nationwide partner community.

Drop us a note today so we can tell you more about how Teligistics can bring an end to your enterprise customers’ telecom service acquisition chaos and save them significant money along the way.


About the Author
As Vice President at TBI, Ken Mercer oversees all sales and operations within the organization. Ken is also active in leveraging his extensive network services expertise to consult with TBI channel agents on large enterprise opportunities and serves on the advisory boards for many of TBI’s service providers. You can contact Ken at or connect with him on LinkedIn.