August Channel News [VIDEO]

TBI's Emily Ball and Bryan Reynolds deliver August Channel News.



Recap of TBI's August Channel News

    • Channel Partners Evolution in D.C. September 9 - 12th
      • TBI's Bryan Reynolds is hosting the Thunderdomes on 5G, UCaaS and RMM
      • TBI's Adam Knudsen is a panelist for the Pitchmaster contest 
    • Road Show in Detroit September 11th
    • Cloud Commission in Minneapolis September 12th
    • Road Show in Dallas September 17th
    • CPaaS Workshop in Chicago September 18th
    • Road Show in Kansas City September 26th
  • NEW Partner Marketing Center Campaign: Back Office Support
    • Access information and instructions on PMC here.
  • August Newsletter
  • Industry News
    • T-Mobile and Sprint reportedly are divesting assets to Dish Network to help build its own wireless network. 

    • CloudGenix can now launch branch infrastructure for its customers through the cloud with their new CloudBlades platform that spins up SD-WAN, security, voice, multicloud access and other tools without requiring extra hardware or software. 

    • Windstream Enterprise added Fortinet as a second SD-WAN partner


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