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The availability of fiber has exploded in the past year or so, a result of massive efforts and capital investments by all the major telecom and cable companies in a bid to replace their current network assets, which are costly to maintain and rapidly becoming outdated.

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Strategic Planning and the Path to Success.

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While most businesses have adopted some type of cloud-based technology, not all of them have implemented a unified multi-media communications platform that integrates phones, chat, email, web conferencing, and file sharing into a single cloud-based platform. UCaaS offers many benefits such as mobility, improved voice quality and exceptional reliability that Broadsoft predicts more than half of all organizations will adopt by 2020.

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The Golden Age of Communication

The market for UCaaS has made a fairly dramatic evolution over the past decade; most businesses are aware of the benefits of cloud options from a TCO perspective and are considering future migrations. However, many businesses also express concerns regarding the risks and challenges associated with a move to the cloud especially those larger in size. More specifically, organizations with more intricate IT and telecom environments often delay cloud adoption, due to existing premise-based UC investments.

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