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According to Statista, the number of IoT devices is constantly growing. There are about 10 billion connected IoT devices in the world now. Roughly 90% of them are unmanageable and unprotected, meaning there is no centralized management platform, no centralized monitoring of events, settings are manually configured, etc.

In the current pandemic conditions, with a large number of users working from their home offices, the issue arises of managing information security risks associated with home IoT devices. Printers, Smart TVs, file storage, video surveillance cameras and other equipment are often connected to the same home network as the devices from which corporate data is accessed. Compromised devices may lead to a data breach. People who install and use all these smart devices at home often have minimal knowledge in the field of information security.

I want to touch upon the information security problems associated with IoT devices, as well as some approaches to solving these problems.

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