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By Peter Brecl - Director, Global Security Services at Lumen Technologies

Keeping up with the latest cybersecurity trends is a continuous journey—because no matter how vigilant a company is or how well they orchestrate their cyber defenses, bad actors are highly motivated to evolve their methods, find new vulnerabilities, and exploit them.


2021 was a busy year for cybersecurity, showcasing how quickly attack-method preferences can change, the seasonality of attack volume, and the continuing trend of increased threat complexity. Several high-profile cyberattacks even made front-page news, which is perhaps no surprise considering global weekly attacks per organization increased by 50% compared with 2020.*


Considering these trends, it’s crucial for companies to be well-informed of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, so they can better prepare to identify and mitigate their vulnerabilities. Luckily, Lumen and its threat-intelligence arm Black Lotus Labs constantly monitor the cyber threat space to help protect businesses and keep the Internet clean. Check out some of our key cybersecurity takeaways from 2021 and our predictions for how attacks may evolve in the year ahead.

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Delivering a secure, compelling user experience with edge compute

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Learn how Lumen helped this company improve performance, enhance security & create live data to support their fully remote workforce with high bandwidth.


Routing real-time data to advisors helping clients

Many people receive health benefits through their employers. Yet, the vast majority of organizations are not actually in the business of health and wellness or equipped to help employees navigate the complex world of healthcare. Users often need guidance to understand their benefits and where to find medical assistance. Enter Accolade.

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By Joey Penick, Vice President of Marketing, Lumen

Back in the early days of broadband internet connectivity, all broadband just meant “fast”. Years later, broadband options have diversified. Today, fiber is gaining traction as it outpaces more traditional options in performance and reliability. Learn more in this article about how fiber can take medium-sized business connectivity to the next level.

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