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No more 3rd parties, no more workarounds. TBI is the only Master Agent that enables partners to work directly with Verizon Wireless.

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The American public’s awareness of DDoS attacks dramatically exploded this past week to a reality that is affecting their personal, everyday lives. Previous attacks – like the DDoS attack on the NSA – garnered media coverage and brought the effects of DDoS into the periphery of everyday citizens.

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Southwest Airlines suffered an outage in July, grounding its fleet nationwide and cancelling more than 2,300 flights. The culprit was determined to be a lone router at Southwest’s Love Field data center, causing an estimated $54mm outage cost to the company according to The Dallas Morning News.

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This article was originally published on Business Solutions.

Every industry is being affected by the convergence of technology in the marketplace as offerings broaden and shift to delivery as a service. According to Harvard Business Review, “IT-Driven innovation is reshaping industries and redrawing the lines of competitive rivalry.” Technology companies are rapidly expanding their portfolios through R&D or acquisition to provide new services to their clients. Facebook is developing Messenger to become its search platform. Google is architecting a fiber connectivity network. Dell bought EMC to create an end-to-end hardware and software powerhouse. Similarly, convergence is driving the VAR industry as telecom companies incorporate leading routing and security services into their connectivity offerings and now cloud service providers market solutions directly to the end client.

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