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We’re excited to collaborate with our new and existing TBI members to offer the opportunity to sell a blended portfolio of Verizon wireline and wireless business solutions. With over 25 million Small Business customer prospects, we have tremendous opportunity to leverage the scale and expertise of the channel to meet customers where they want to buy.

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Software Defined Secure Branch is a purpose built solution designed for businesses and organizations with complex multi-location IT management needs and the desire for more visibility, security protection, and control of their network. Once in place, it helps keep the network secure and accessible through a combination of simplified management, the intuitive software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution, and security.

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The new Verizon Partner Program launched April 1 to better serve it’s program members.

A new and improved master agent model has been deployed in the US to enhance the program’s agility and responsiveness and to better meet the needs of program members.  

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Overcome the limitations of traditional routing and offer Cisco to your customers with Verizon's Cisco IWAN solution. Through application-aware routing, this CPE-based technology allows for intelligent distribution of traffic across multiple available paths, enhanced application prioritization, and secure connectivity across all enterprise locations. 

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Described as the emerging WAN solution, SD-WAN allows customers to control their WAN service through software while linking across multiple connection types. The improved implementation process and remote management functions of SD-WAN permit retail locations, healthcare facilities, banks and other organizations with a high number of branch-type locations to realize huge benefits. 

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