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With a 230-person workforce and more than 20 open positions across sales, marketing, support finance, and engineering, it is safe to say TBI is a rapidly growing organization. As we know, growth in business goes hand-in-hand with growth in headcount. It is because of this growth, TBI decided it was time for a bigger headquarters.

In June, TBI moved to a new office building, a nearly 28,000 square foot, single floor office space that enables our Chicagoland team to work more collaboratively. Our swanky new digs offer several upgraded features, including the Technology Evaluation Center (TEC), a lab showcasing technology solutions, hands-on training, and a place to perform proof-of-concept solution testing. We also installed a fully-equipped video studio that enables our videographer to professionally produce in-house video content for TBI as well as our vendors and partners.

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