Avaya January 2021 Webinars

Avaya WebinarRegister for Avaya customer facing and solution-specific webinars focused around Avaya Cloud Office and Avaya onecloud CCaaS.

Upcoming Avaya Webinars:

January 14: Avaya Cloud Office 30 Minutes to Better Business Communications:  What is driving the shift to a cloud-based communication, why become a digital business, and why choose Avaya Cloud Office.

January 18: Avaya Cloud Office Your All-In-One Communication Solution for Education:  Come and learn about the challenges facing education today, and how Avaya Cloud Office uses the technology of cloud-based communications to unleash the benefits of a unified, all-in-one approach, to solve problems facing schools, school boards, and higher education institutions. Far beyond just distance learning, Avaya Cloud Office unlocks the transformative potential of the cloud to supercharge communications, securely and reliably, and help strengthen the learning community.

January 21: Avaya OneCloud CCaaS with Voice-to-Text Transcription: Voice-to-Text Transcriptionis a powerful, AI-powered application that helps substantially increase employee performance in real time by delivering prompts, initiating workflow actions, and enhancing compliance based on words and phrases spoken by customers. Join us as we will be demonstrating use cases you want to see.


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