Bringing You a New Resource: Solutions Engineer

TBI is investing even more into developing partner resources and advancing our support services. Having a skilled engineering team at your disposal brings an elevated level of knowledge that ultimately benefits your customers. Turn to leading TBI engineers to provide expert technical advice on best-suited IT solutions, and in turn establish yourself as a true technology consultant.

What is a Solutions Engineer?

A Solutions Engineer is an added and highly-valuable resource to ensure that you’re continuously delivering optimum solutions. This role helps you determine the current and future state of an organizations’ IT environment. A Solutions Engineer brings the knowledge and resourcefulness to engage any and all available resources to deliver on business outcomes. This may range from supporting bandwidth-intensive business applications to more complex security solutions or vertical-specific needs. Engage the Solutions Engineer as needed when speaking to decision-makers to help further explain technology, systems and business value. Bridge IT infrastructure needs and requirements with project goals and overall business outcomes. You don’t need to be a technology expert; you have access to all providers’ tech resources and those at TBI.


How Does This Role Fit into the TBI Engineering Team?

The engineering team works together to devise the right technology solutions to support your customer’s software and hardware configurations while meeting IT requirements and ensuring quality of service (QoS). The Solutions Engineer develops high-level ‘solutioning’ and the entire engineering team works together to evolve this plan with the right solutions and providers. With any opportunity, the focus is on aligning solutions with business outcomes, not just selling a single service. The engineering team deals with the entire infrastructure. Once the IT architecture is established, the Solutions Engineer is available for guidance during implementation.

What Does This Mean for You?

While businesses focus on their strategies, goals and objectives, they depend on you to bring the right technology to support these initiatives. Having a Solutions Engineer allows you to consult a big-picture thinker who also has the technical know-how. This person shares their expertise on building a successful IT environment and clearly communicates the business value in a straightforward customer-focused manner. Get support to bridge the gap between business strategy and IT enablement.

Things a Solutions Engineer Does

  • Evaluates. Experience allows them to ask the right questions to get to the core of the problem and turn vague, rough requirements into specific objectives.
  • Connects. Bridges IT solutions and overall business outcomes by understanding technologies, business pain points, industry standards, established patterns and best practices.
  • Analyzes. Examines customer challenges or technology solutions and determines the relationship between the two, keeping in mind the value technology can bring.
  • Strategizes. Creates a plan outlining solutions, systems and applications in place, major business functions and the technology necessary to support those functions.
  • Communicates. Effectively communicates with the partner, end-user and/or decision maker to convey importance and value.
  • Enables. Along with developing solutions, actively assists with opportunities to ensure success from implementation to technical support and consulting.


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