Celebrating Pride Month with Bryan Reynolds

Pride Month is recognized in the United States every June to honor the LGBTQIA+ community and acknowledge their many contributions throughout history. 

In honor of this celebratory month, TBI is proud to feature some of our employees who are part of our diversity and inclusion committee, RESONATE, so they can share what Pride Month means to them. Today, we feature TBI's Senior Director of Sales Operations, Bryan Reynolds.

DCFC25F8-1608-4042-BC17-BCF885788A18_1_105_cWhat is your role at TBI and how long have you been with the organization? 

I am TBI's Senior Director, Sales Operations and have been with the organization for 8 years.

June is Pride Month. What does this month mean for you?

Pride Month is a celebration of diversity and LGBTQ+.  It’s about living a life that is authentic, without worrying about what others might think or say.  It’s how we celebrate our diverse and inclusive LGBTQ+ community. It is about reinforcing equal rights for all people and remembering the struggle that others have gone through to get to where we are today. 

Why do you feel celebrating Pride Month is important to do in the workplace?

You want people to be able to bring their full selves to the various communities that they are a part of and not be afraid of being who they are. A diverse workforce inspires diverse thoughts and ideas, which is what we all need to learn and grow. Celebrating that creates a collective and comfortable environment that enables the success and growth of all who are a part of it.   

What advice would you give to people wanting to support members of the LGBTQIA+ community?

Start by doing the research – you’d be surprised by what perceptions you may have formed. Be supportive and educate yourself. Listen louder than you speak. Also, find some local foundations that support the causes of LGBTQ+ equality and volunteer or donate. 

How are you planning to celebrate Pride Month this year?

Getting together with family, chosen family, and friends to celebrate who we are.

Do you have any favorite LGBTQIA+ foundations that you'd like to spotlight?

Center on Halsted is a great organization in Chicago. They work to advance the community and secure the health and well-being of the LGBTQ people of Chicagoland by providing safe spaces, physical and mental health services, and numerous support programs. 


Connect with Bryan on LinkedIn and learn more about the history of Pride Month by visiting the Library of Congress website.