Channel Partners: Why Partner with Nextiva

Communication connects everything so literally every customer you serve needs communication technologies to improve their business, improve their profits, and improve their lives. What could possibly be more important than providing your customers with the competitive power of connected communications?

What you need is not just a partner who provides the technology and the services required to connect everything for your customers, but also your partner in designing these solutions, promoting and marketing them, and most effectively selling them to your customer base and beyond.

Connected Communications

Do you have a telephone sitting on your desk? What is it connected to? The public switched telephone network? What does it do for you? Allow you to make voice calls? Your customers pay not only for that handset but also for an entire network both on their premises and beyond that offer them nothing more than voice calls.

Your customers need more than simple voice over IP service to augment their voice calls.

Customers need a connected communications platform that enables them to do everything they need and want to do to conduct their business successfully! Not just voice, but video, SMS/MMS, shared applications, and more. They also need to access applications that support their marketing, sales, and other operations. One unified platform for all their communication activities.

BLOG_Nextiva-Logo-SocialThe Nextiva Platform

The Nextiva connected communications platform, NextOS is the next generation of operating system (OS) because it integrates not only the broad choice of communications but also incorporates the applications and real-time intelligence required to truly compete in markets that grow in complexity every day, and interfaces all of it to the users.

If everyone working from home has taught us anything it’s that the best communications tools are transparent. We forget they’re there because they just work. A quick note. A personal conversation to say thanks. A video call to share congratulations. All simply a click away on the same platform as everything else. No jumping around from software to software. A single platform that enables everything.

Our platform simplifies everything through automation. No more worrying about the underlying technology or connections. Focus on the content of your communications and let Nextiva manage the information transport. Seamless.

Become Your Customers’ Connected Communications Champion

Behind our leading connected communications platform is a comprehensive partner program that thoroughly enables and supports our partners’ marketing, sales, and service-rendering operations.

Let’s start where you live. Your services. Your consulting services, engineering and design. Provisioning and deployment. Integration and implementation. User training and support. You sell and deliver your expertise, and Nextiva helps you grow it with an impressive array of training experiences that go well beyond the specifics of NextOS. We teach your technical staff everything they need to know about unified communications. We teach your salespeople how to most effectively sell these services. We teach your marketing team how to get the word out.

Never go-to-market alone. Thinking about getting yourself a marketing automation platform? Nextiva provides you with CoNEXtion, our exclusive marketing automation and demand-generation platform, for FREE. You can create email campaigns, landing pages, social content, co-brand collateral and other assets, and much more. Our marketing team partners with your marketing team to drive “Demand Days”, produce, promote, and present webinars and other events. We’ll help you expand into account-based marketing, lead prospecting, social selling, search engine optimization (SEO) and more. Nextiva is your marketing guru, providing all the advice and guidance you need.

Sales is a team sport. Come play with the most effective communication sales specialists in the business. When you sell with your dedicated Nextiva team, you learn how to listen the way they do to learn exactly what your customers really need. You learn to construct a meaningful solution statement to assure them you’re on the right track. And you learn exactly what you need to do to close on every project, every time.

The Nextiva Channel Team – We Have Your Back!

The easiest way to prove to yourself how serious Nextiva is about the channel is to meet the Nextiva Channel Teams. These teams are here to support our partners with the sales process, marketing activities, technical questions and more.

Partner Success Champions are available to you to to ensure any support escalations you have get a quick and effective resolution.

Channel Sales Managers are your teammates in the field, supporting sales goals, visiting customers with you, and helping to get answers to their toughest questions.

Partner Development Managers are there to help you work on your business as well as in it. They help you determine which of our resources to tap into next!

Regional Solution Engineers help both your sales and technical teams to assure that every solution you recommend to every customer is technically sound and optimized for their needs.

Enterprise Solution Architects are experienced at building the largest, most complex solutions we offer. They bring knowledge to help you close those big prospects that may

Field Marketing Managers are the marketing backbone that helps drive demand to your sales team. They help you take maximum advantage of all the programs and resources we offer to create more and better opportunities.

Next Steps

If you’re not already a Nextiva partner, reach out to the team. We’ll help you deliver a comprehensive connected communications platform to your customers and help you find new ones to sell to. We’ll show you how fruitful and fulfilling partnering can be when you partner with a leader.


About Nextiva
Rated 2020’s #1 Business Phone Service by US News & World Report, Nextiva’s cloud communication platform is dedicated to empowering organizations to manage their communications, productivity, and customer relationships on a truly unified platform. Phone. Video. Meetings. Chat. Fax. Collaboration. All in one unified platform. Learn more at their website or visit their provider page.


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