Choosing a UCaaS Provider

Selling partners look to TBI for unbiased Provider recommendations and advice on which carrier works to meet their customer's challenges. We use past experience, how easy it is to work with the carrier, actual service quality, deployment and end-user experience to inform partners how best to engage their customers and with what Providers.

In May, PC Magazine did a great write up about how Chief Information Security Officers can help ensure efficient communication and collaboration within their respective organizations with the right UCaaS platform.

Our UCaaS Comparison Guide breaks down offerings from the top providers in the market, and evaluates each on comprehensive criteria, including:

  • Platform (Proprietary or white-labeled)
  • Gartner UCaaS Rating
  • Ideal Client Size (SMB, mid-market, etc)
  • Seat Minimum
  • Sweet Spot (Ideal range of seats sold)
  • Average Customer Size
  • Largest Customer Size
  • Top Verticals (healthcare, finance, retail, etc.)
  • Compliance (HIPAA, SOX, PCI, etc.)
  • Contact Center (Proprietary or white-labeled)
  • Geographic Focus
  • Delivery (OTT, MPLS, SD-WAN)
  • Key App Integrations
  • Devices
  • Pricing

Leverage this resource and ensure you recommend the right solutions to your customers. 

Download TBI's UCaaS Comparison Guide.



This blog was originally published on August 3, 2016 and updated on September 26, 2017.