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Your advocate for service delivery.

The value we bring to our partners is the ability to present enterprise technology that furthers their business objectives with a personal and reliable approach, easy and highly responsive communications and unrivaled service delivery, all without bias.


“You are not trying to push the newest technologies, and it’s not just about the sale for TBI. You offer great support, and you are prompt and professional. You support my vision and help me with my customers. Your relationships in the industry are strong and respected. You are a company with integrity and you are honest, which is made clear by the way you deal with partners and carriers alike. You go above and beyond.”
Mischa DuPont, DuPont Solutions


We’re the only master agent that is a true solutions delivery provider. For us, it’s about actions and accountability. We work to ensure the best customer experience because we are directly tied to the revenues associated with the technologies procured. It’s in our best interest to get our partners what they need, when they need it, to service our clients promptly and without issue. And we genuinely like doing it. TBI’s owner and leader Geoff Shepstone says, with changing connectivity needs, new technologies to satisfy them and cloud opportunity, now is the best time to be in the channel. The indirect channel continues to evolve, and therefore TBI continues to grow, reinvesting in our systems and processes, finding new ways to respond to our partners needs, or better yet, preemptively answer questions before they’re asked.

Channel is a main priority for the world’s largest telecom providers. Our discussions with providers like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Spectrum and CenturyLink afford us the opportunity to realize our mutual influences. They are doubling down and investing heavily in the channel, opening up products and markets creating new business units and leaning on the indirect channel as “the” route to market because customers want to buy from someone local, someone they have an existing relationship with and from someone that understands their existing infrastructure or is at least willing to learn it. These carriers are relying on us as we are them, to deliver on their promise: to make the channel a true customer advocate, execute on teaming opportunities, resolve any channel conflict, and provide the resources selling partners need to be successful.

We’re responding to the call for action by investing heavily into everything that differentiates us:

icon-providers.png   Leading Providers

We’re having conversations with channel chiefs and the C-suite at top carriers to take our businesses to the next level. Collectively, we’re upping the ante with higher volume commitments, dedicated resources that sit at both the TBI and Carrier levels to help streamline design, quotes and order processing. Further, we are aligning go-to-market strategies and influencing vendor behavior to open up greater opportunity for our partners whether that be with products, teaming or market segments.

Additionally, we’re bringing on the best international and cloud vendors and positioning them for programs to get partners up to speed and selling new or more solutions, faster. Staying true to our agnostic promise, we raise MDF funds only for programs we put on with vendors, our vendors are not a revenue source for us, we are not indebted to or beholden to them in any way.

Lastly, as a true agnostic partner, our portfolio and recommendations are given based on historic performance and insight we have on their processes and ability to deliver on time and with accuracy.


Best in Class Operations and Support


As the middle man’s right hand man, so to speak, or another one I like is the wizard behind the curtain, our partners have a choice with who to put their business through and the deciding factor is what you get out of the partnership. TBI’s value proposition is the value we bring to our partners. Our back-office is a non-revenue generating entity that we continue to invest in because, ultimately it’s what our partners need and it arms them for success.

We’ve essentially turned our ops department into an internal MSP with ticket level management of quotes, design, contracts and orders. We communicate deployment of service schedules, carrier-agreed-upon and internal SLAs, escalation turnaround timeframes, documented commitment from vendors and how we hold them accountable to it. We have carrier certifications and are proficient with their internal systems as well as our own dashboards and established KPIs that we hold ourselves accountable to. We function better and more streamlined than the carriers themselves. We have quoting automation for faster turnaround times and proactively communicate contract end-dates for superior base management.


Agnostic, Practical Training


We’ve evolved into a solutions delivery provider because it’s no longer about on-premise systems, MPLS, and colocation; it’s about hosted PBX, SD-WAN and cloud compute. As a technology consultant, we understand that solely providing customers with traditional connectivity is no longer enough. In order to stay competitive and be successful, our partners must be able to offer “more” and keep up with the rapid evolution of technology. That also means being proficient in emerging solutions like hybrid networking, mobility and security.

We’ve spent the last few years, building the industry’s best training platform. The University is a TBI funded and free partner resource along with certification programs on both telecom basics as well as emerging cloud solutions. Our training managers provide channel manager education and offer class room style, onboarding, face-to-face interaction with customers and on-site with sales teams to ensure partner success.

icon-resources.png   Channel Management Resources

Carriers are investing in the channel to capitalize on selling partner relationships. We work to strengthen our partners’ relationships with the end user through exceptional service, integrity and honesty. A 20+ person channel management team, we are the boots on the ground with a team of TBI solution engineers available and accessible across various technology platforms, navigating the waters of new technology and evangelizing the solution to help bring it to the end-user. For example, TBI was the first Verizon SD-WAN sale in the channel. From Cisco to Juniper to HP, AWS and Azure, TBI is the education and resource conduit for managed services, as a service solutions and applications, public and private cloud connections and migrations with an engineering team certified to assist in complex, multi-location and high-touch deals. From quarterbacking an order or coordinating the right individuals in a room to on-site training or providing sales meeting collateral, we work to know our partners’ businesses so we can assist in growing them.

Similarly, our finance department always works to discover creative ways to come up with better compensation plans that benefit partners and also gather more intelligence to better forecast and assist partner sales. We offer loan assistance, pass through carrier SPIFFS at 100% and plan to remain privately-owned and debt-free, meaning long-term commission protection.


We had, long ago, built an infrastructure to facilitate the personal element, as carriers are just now investing in the channel because they recognize the value relationships bring to their business. Our partners are only as good as what they deliver on. So, we work to ensure our partners deliver on what they’ve told their customers to expect. TBI understands reputation is everything, we’ve invested in ours so we can protect our partners.

We can’t wait for you to see what comes out next.


About the Author
As Director of Marketing at TBI, Cohen is responsible for managing TBI’s marketing communications and implementing multi-channel branding and press strategies. In addition to driving TBI’s overall marketing strategy, Cohen directs both internal and external communications to ensure the delivery of valued products and programs to providers and partners alike. You can contact Corey at or connect with her on LinkedIn.