Common Business Challenges and Solutions That Solve Them

The fast-paced technology landscape is ever changing, and as product sets continue to narrow and end users become more connected than ever before, it’s crucial to understand where the market is headed. Based off what we saw in 2016, here are common business challenges and solutions worth addressing with your customers at the beginning of next year. These range from easy-to-sell products that lead to greater sales to emerging technologies that will spark interest and truly add value.


Business Challenges: No QoS support, limited connectivity options, weak Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and/or manual routing.

Solution: MPLS
MPLS is a data-carrying technique for high-performance telecommunications networks. This solution prioritizes and shapes network traffic over the carrier’s private MPLS core while maintaining packet precedence end-to-end. Since it’s a private connection, MPLS is a more secure solution as it allows customer’s data to be kept separate from other data streams. Download our customizable MPLS flyer here.

Business Challenges: Burden of network configuration and provisioning, scalability, slow network speed and/or weak security.

Solution: SD-WAN
SD-WAN (software-defined WAN) is a WAN deployment method using Network Function Virtualization (NFV). It accelerates service delivery, improves performance, and ensures better availability by automating network functions like routing, switching, and management while utilizing any available access technology. SD-WAN allows you to prioritize network traffic down to the application, enabling you to stack rank applications that are most important to the performance of the business. Download our SD-WAN guide to learn more.

Business Challenges: Lack of mobility, limited collaboration, stifled employee productivity, and/or poor scalability.

Solution: UCaaS
UCaaS is the delivery of communications and collaboration applications and services over an IP network, usually the public Internet. As a hosted, managed or usage-based solution, UCaaS delivers mobility and collaboration with the added bonus of provider-supported maintenance, customer care, and technical support. UCaaS can greatly improve employee productivity with its wealth of features available, many that traditional telephony solutions lack. Download our UCaaS Matrix for more information.

Business Challenges: Slow and unreliable data recovery, weak security, lack of flexibility, and/or limitations of on premise business continuity.

Solution: DRaaS
Outsource the management and provisioning of your back-up and replication infrastructure in a carrier’s secure, compliant, high-availability data center and protect against catastrophic loss of data. Learn more about DRaaS here.


Exciting advancements are on the horizon for 2017 and as business needs change, your customers will lean on you to provide the right solutions. Engage with your TBI Channel Manager to learn more about these solutions and, overall, how best to evolve your technology portfolio to improve your value proposition and increase revenue.


About the Author
Emily Ball is a Marketing Coordinator at TBI. She supports strategic programs to cultivate leads, enhance agent and service provider relationships, and help propel sales. You can contact Emily at or connect with Emily on LinkedIn.