CPaaS Brings Efficiency to Healthcare – One Administrator’s Experience

A healthcare administrator based in Bloomington, Minnesota was helping businesses to simplify healthcare benefits for employers, plan members, brokers and providers, but needed help improving their own IT operations.

With the industry facing many challenges, including a surge in hospitalization and claims, healthcare organizations have been overwhelmed trying to manage the day-to-day. Many have been turning to technology, looking for ways to effectively leverage IT solutions when possible. The company turned to their trusted IT consultant to see how they could update their existing on-premises phone system and potentially implement some better automation.

The partner tapped into their resources at TBI, having an experienced team working together on a plan. After a thorough assessment, the perfect solution was found – communications platform as a service (CPaaS) offered exactly what the customer needed.

Importance of Finding a Solution That Integrates

Working with their trusted TBI partner, Chris Skordahl at OneNet, the customer expressed that it was important to find an advanced IVR that could connect their on-prem phone system, Avaya IP Office, to their claim and eligibility software system. This system is instrumental in their business as it allows providers to check claim status and eligibility in real-time. Integration into the SQL database would be required for data dips, allowing necessary information to be retrieved from a third-party. Having advanced technical expertise from TBI provided the necessary level of technical know-how to account for this.

How TBI Technical Resources Helped Close the Sale

The partner engaged their dedicated TBI Channel Manager, David Bailey-Aldrich, for this opportunity. Recognizing that advanced technical expertise was needed to close the deal, the Channel Manager brought in TBI Tech Guru and Cloud Communications Architect, John Romeo. The opportunity was 100 seats and needed professional services for a SQL database integration, therefore it was important to make sure that an experienced solutions architect was advised.

Working as a team, the partner and TBI team built out a plan that utilized more automation and allowed contact center agents to optimize their time spent on day-to-day responsibilities. The business differentiates itself in the marketplace by providing white-glove service to its clients and plan members. Unfortunately, their contact center agents were spending 70% of their daily calls on providers, dealing with claims status and eligibility. This was taking away from their client business – agents did not have the time to provide a white-glove approach that was so important to the organization’s business model. This issue was something that the partner and TBI recognized, and knew they could help solve.

The CPaaS Solution

Most of the 70% of calls were provider contacts asking for an update on claim status or eligibility.  CPaaS allows those calls to be handled through a self-service that verified information via a data dip and responding with the information needed. This eliminated the need for a call center agent to dedicate time to this. Instead, the call center agents could focus on the company's clients, as intended. Along with using human resources more efficiently, it provided a much better customer experience. Clients began experiencing much shorter wait times when calling as call volume was down. Agents could also focus more on the client and provided them greater care and attention.

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