[Video] Cradlepoint CBA850 and VeloCloud Backup and Failover Demo

TBI’s VP of Technology and Business Development, Steve Roos, demonstrates the backup and failover of a Cradlepoint environment with VeloCloud. 

In the demonstration, two Cradlepoint CBA850 routers are setup as the primary WAN connections and tied back into a VeloCloud box to control data being passed through the Cradlepoint devices. 

Watch the video to learn:

  • How SD-WAN from VeloCloud prioritizes voice over data traffic, ensuring VoIP calls are clear and consistent
  • How SD-WAN from VeloCloud maintains voice quality in the event of a circuit failure
  • How a Cradlepoint LTE router is a viable backup connection (even for small VoIP environments)



Learn how to setup and activate the Cradlepoint CBA850 device here.