A Deeper look at Help Desk Services

According to Gartner, IT services will continue to outpace telecom services in growth by 1.8% in 2015 and 2.1% in 2016. This anticipated growth, coupled with the converged technology solutions your customers are looking for, make it imperative for you to diversify your technology solutions and include managed services in your portfolio.

In yesterday’s webinar we discussed a variety of managed services solutions that can help agents drive more in-depth business conversations. By offering these solutions, you can become an integral part of your customers’ technology problem-solving process, and avoid becoming someone who just pushes products or services on them.

One of the first services IT Directors and CIOs look to outsource are customized help desk solutions. These include services like password resets, desktop support, account lockouts, permission issues, firewall monitoring, etc.

We have a number of providers who offer outsourced help desk services that enable your customers’ IT staff to concentrate on more strategic efforts while the provider handles all help desk troubleshooting tasks.

One example we discussed involves a financial company that was inundated with password reset requests. This company had an average hold time of 48 minutes per ticket and an average of 350 tickets per month. That added up to almost 17,000 hours a month of halted productivity and lost revenue.

To solve their problem, the customer implemented an outsourced help desk model that brought ticket hold times to less than 2 minutes and reduced the number of monthly tickets from 350 to 225. This is just one example of a managed services solution that can solve huge issues for your customer.

While each business and each vertical has different technology needs, industry innovation is driving all IT departments across the board to become more strategic within their organizations. By helping your customers offload the tedious and time-consuming activities that often weigh down IT staff, you are helping them achieve more strategic revenue-focused goals.

For more examples of successful managed services implementations, watch the recorded webinar here:

Managed IT Solutions webinar


About the Author
Adam Knudsen is Director of Sales at TBI. He manages a team of national channel managers and guides them in providing the best support and industry expertise to each and every partner. You can contact Adam at aknudsen@tbicom.com or connect with him on LinkedIn here.