Evolving a Partner's Mindset with Training

At TBI, we put strong emphasis on providing partners with the education they need to succeed in the competitive indirect channel. From the very start of each journey, we provide guidance to the vast sales-enablement and educational resources we offer, one of which being our exemplary training department.

A perfect example of this comes from a recent engagement with an IT consulting firm that has been a valued TBI partner since 2006. While attending a recent partner advisory council, the partner saw the size of our back office and training department, and was interested in outsourcing its ops department through us.Time for Change.jpg

Following the event, the partner’s TBI Channel Manager, Johnson Tran, stepped up to the plate and actively worked with its directors to further educate them on the value we offer. Each week, he would conduct 30-minute conference calls with them, starting with a meeting between representatives from the support departments of both companies. As a result of this consistent communication, he uncovered that the partner’s maintenance business was dwindling due to the emergence of virtualization.

Understanding the partner’s business model of being a VAR with an emphasis on Cisco, Tran decided the best way to overcome this challenge was to start centering weekly conversations around SD-WAN and UCaaS. The partner showed interest in selling the solutions, so he made a push to provide the training needed for success. To start, he leveraged educational PDF documents from TBI’s marketing department and the University of TBI, and he scheduled a virtualized training session on SD-WAN for all sales reps to participate in.

Led by TBI’s Training Manager, Dave Landsberger, the training was a huge success, with 18 of the partner’s sales reps attending and actively participating. After the session was adjourned, the partner’s Director of Service Provider Solutions sent TBI’s President, Geoff Shepstone, the following words via email to show his satisfaction:

“We just had SDWAN training with about 18 of our salespeople and Dave did an outstanding job! His ability to translate complex solutions into simple concepts was so helpful.”

Since then, Tran has stayed committed to fueling the growth and development of the partner’s sales team. He has even begun to introduce the partner to numerous providers, and has scheduled additional trainings focused on the specific offerings of each. 

Currently, the partner is having more internal conversations around the strategic accounts it would like to align for SD-WAN. Interest in the emerging technology has never been higher within the company, with plans on how to position it to its customers being mapped out. Sales of these solutions will present higher margins, helping the partner earn new revenue to counteract its dwindling sales. Moving forward, the partner will put more emphasis on selling virtualization and include TBI in opportunities.

Through Tran’s outstanding ability to evangelize our value proposition, he effectively evolved the partner’s mindset towards TBI. Also, because of Landsberger’s talent of making highly complex technologies easily understandable, the partner now has a better understanding of SD-WAN and the tangible business outcomes it can produce. With a little hard work and effective communication, a selling partner learned about an emerging technology and trained his entire staff to sell it in the span of a few months.

Interested in providing your sales reps with the robust training they need to sell today’s emerging btn_start-learning.giftechnologies? Speak with your Channel Manager for more information on how you can engage the TBI Training Department or join the University today.

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