There is a faster, more secure experience from the cloud.

TBI has been offering technology solutions for over 25 years. We offer many private managed cloud solutions to bypass traffic and roadblocks. These solutions from our providers give customers access (for a monthly fee) to an environment built from certain hardware and software configurations that the customer can rely on to always work. 

The customer does not have to patch or upgrade it. Usage can also grow with the customers need (for an additional cost).  It’s private because the provider makes it very secure to enter. It’s a smart solution because the provider makes it a consistent monthly cost.

If customers are using cloud-based applications and big ones like, Amazon Cloud Services, Office 365, and others, the customer pays to migrate and employees log in to use it. The problem is most customers currently use the Internet for access and using any Internet connection available, making the application slow and not secure.

We see this a lot. The customer has done all the work and paid all the money to move to a “best of breed” CRM platform and it ends up taking forever to navigate. The general consensus is it’s really good until remote employees have to run a report and export it. It takes way too long.

Some of our largest network providers are solving the problem “getting to the cloud.” Providers like Verizon, CenturyLink, Level3 and Comcast are betting customers will pay a premium to have a dedicated connection directly into the application provider’s data center – essentially an expressway with security guards escorting you directly to Salesforce (or any other application).

Private Cloud

You can easily justify the cost with increased productivity. Already, IT managers deal with end user complaints that new systems or platforms run too slow or that hosted email is really hard to use coming through an Internet connection. How many applications are hosted on Amazon Web Services?  Would they run faster if we had a priority connection directly into their servers?

TBI’s providers are doing exactly that. They have created interconnections into the most widely used applications, or the largest server farms that host large company’s applications (Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure). The providers are using private WAN technologies, like MPLS or Ethernet, to ensure they are as secure with the data as possible. They, then offer these accelerated connections to customers for a premium price and a robust service level agreement.

If your business model is supporting a customer’s technology, like a VAR or an IT professional, imagine how much easier it would be to support slow application issues, if you can simply remove slow public bandwidth from the equation.  Though, it’s not a sale on price. Many will pay more to cut to the front of the line. If you would like to learn more about these solutions please contact me.


About the Author
As Vice President at TBI, Ken Mercer oversees all sales and operations within the organization. Ken is also active in leveraging his extensive network services expertise to consult with TBI channel agents on large enterprise opportunities and serves on the advisory boards for many of TBI’s service providers. You can contact Ken at or connect with him on LinkedIn.