Fight Cyber Threats with Level 3's Advanced Network Security

As you saw in the other week, no company is too large to fall victim to a cyber-attack. Because threats continue to grow in frequency, magnitude, and complexity, organizations of all sizes need a security solution that constantly improves itself to combat advanced attacks. Level 3’s Adaptive Network Security (ANS) effectively does this, even if a business is receiving network solutions from another provider.

Level 3’s new ANS is a network-based layer of protection against an increasingly complicated threat landscape. The Level 3 network acts as a sensor, giving customers the visibility and control needed to monitor, block and report attempts to break into their network. Delivered as a combination of service chained functions in the cloud, Level 3 ANS can quickly adapt to new threats without requiring huge customer investments and new expertise. By moving protection physically closer to the origins of threats, we’re able to neutralize threats more efficiently and effectively. Adaptive Network Security is carrier agnostic, allowing customers to protect internet connections with Level 3, hybrid environments, and third-party networks.

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Top 5 Security Threats to Enterprise

Cyber security breaches are more common now than they have ever been. While they don’t all make news headlines, they affect numerous businesses every single day. What exactly are these threats? How are they carried out and how can they impact business? The Level 3SM Advanced Threat Intelligence team has identified the top five most common security threats that you and your customers should know about.

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Predict, Detect, Alert & Secure

We operate and continue to build an expansive global fiber network. From that vantage point, our state-of-the-art Security Operations Centers (SOC) monitor the complete threat landscape. Network-based security from Level 3 wraps your customers’ data, applications and infrastructure with a continuous cycle of protection that lets us see and stop even the most sophisticated attacks faster—before they ever reach your customers’ organizations.

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Security as a Service

The security industry is evolving beyond the traditional on-premises hardware model. Stay ahead of the threat game with Level 3 Adaptive Network Security.

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Supported 24/7 by experienced security professionals in our state-of-the-art Threat Research Lab and Security Operations Centers, Level 3 delivers multi-layered defense that helps to enable confident growth.
For more information on Adaptive Network Security, check out the Level 3 brochure with a full description of the solution.


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