Follow the Office 365 Money

Microsoft has called Office 365 its “fastest growing business” in history. The company has seen nearly 150% growth in the number of small and medium sized (SMB) businesses that have adopted the platform, making it more successful than Office or Xbox.

Many of your customers have either deployed Office 365 or are currently evaluating it. As their trusted IT partner, it’s important for you to be part of the Office 365 conversation and share insights on how your customers can get the most out of their investment.


For example, one insight worth sharing with your customers’ IT leadership is that once O365 is deployed, moving their phones to a cloud-hosted system in the form of Skype for Business (previously known as Lync) is a breeze. Skype for Business includes presence, IM, VoIP calling, desktop sharing, and audio/video conferencing—all from a single interface. With select Microsoft partners it can also include Inbound/Outbound PSTN calling, personal DID and unified messaging.

It could be in the best interest of your customer to partner with a Skype for Business expert to help your customers transfer from an old school PBX to a cloud-based O365 phone system. A Microsoft-certified partner can help you sort through the client-specific requirements of interoperability, security, and management along with network connections, training and service support. Luckily, Microsoft has many certified partners in their Cloud Solution Provider network that sell Office 365, integrate well with other vendors and services, and provide valuable training and support throughout the lifecycle.

As a TBI agent, hosted O365 phone systems present an incredible new revenue opportunity for you with only minimal investment. Your focus should be on identifying the opportunity, then bringing in the experts to qualify, sell, deploy and support the service while you sit back, relax and collect your monthly commissions!

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