Granite Case Study - Improved Connections and Reduced Outages

In short order, ‘ABC Company’ needed a more reliable wide area network (WAN) connecting its retail stores. Granite delivered managed WAN and VPN services with 4G wireless backup across 1,100 sites in record time.



For more than 43 years, ‘ABC Company’ has been America’s go-to source for quality tools at the lowest prices. The family-owned company is one of the nation’s fastest-growing retailers with more than 1,100 stores nationwide, 20,000 employees and 40 million customers.



ABC Company’ had deployed MPLS networks for primary and backup to connect its stores. Unfortunately, the primary experienced outages and only had low-speed MPLS DSL as backup connections.

To improve network reliability, the retailer was looking to switch to high-speed 4G wireless backup connections at all stores.

ABC Company’ previous carrier contracts were coming up on renewal but were failing their deployments. The plan also required completion of a private network, a provider to manage it, and cutover in a short time frame as their contracts were coming up
– only five weeks - to help ‘
ABC Company’ busiest sales during holiday season.



Granite conducted a successful three-location pilot of the 4G backup solution using Cradlepoint secure LTE routers using multiple carriers. Then, Granite’s network integration team installed 50 sites every night for five weeks to make the deadline.

At the same time, Granite installed a Cradlepoint E300-1200M

devices on the retailer’s network to manage its VPNs and enable secure primary and backup tunnels to the corporate data center.

ABC Company’ also signed up for Granite Guardian to ensure 24/7 network and device monitoring and management through Granite’s Network Operations Center (NOC).

Granite checked all the boxes – from installing edge devices and wireless routers to delivering a managed private network across all locations. ‘ABC Company’ went from regular outages to reliable, resilient connections to 1,100 stores in 35 days!


Granite was able to handle all aspects of ABC Company WAN upgrade, including installing the 4G routers and edge devices as well as managing multiple wireless providers, connections and endpoints.

Rapid Rollout

Granite’s nationwide network integration team was able to meet ‘ABC Company’ accelerated deployment schedule.

Resilient Connections

‘ABC Company’ now has an MPLS network with high-speed 4G LTE backup links to process transactions reliably and securely.

Significant Savings

The retailer outsourced network management to Granite, enabling its internal IT teams to focus on revenue- generating projects.