Growing Your Business with TBI Resources

It’s hard to believe the second quarter is already upon us. No doubt you’ve finalized your goals for 2018 and are eager to start putting those plans into motion. Whether your initiatives include investing in new staff, expanding your technology portfolio or developing a marketing strategy, TBI can help you achieve those goals.

Partners that are motivated to grow with their clients are leveraging TBI’s resources to do so. By making the most out of their partnership with us, they’ve found underlying opportunities they didn’t realize existed, and a significant amount of time and money saved.

Here’s an example of this level of support in action.

Recently, a partner turned to TBI with a Hosted VoIP opportunity. At a glance, it seemed simple. The customer needed a phone system and internet circuit for their new office. When TBI’s engineering team took a closer look, they realized the location didn’t have the hardware required for implementation, and the customer planned to deploy the new solution without a firewall. The wires in the telco closet were cut and jacks were dead. Without the proper hardware in place, there was no way to perform the proper network address translation to enable a phone system to reach the cloud via public IP.

Since the customer had no IT support and the solution was outside of the partner’s wheelhouse, TBI did the heavy-lifting. TBI was able to source not only a carrier for connectivity and hosted voice solution, but also the equipment (router, switch and firewall) and on-site technicians for cabling, jack repairs and network configuration. 120 seats were sold and the MRC totaled over $5,000 for a TCV of $240,000. The site was up and running the next day.

What appeared to be a common scenario turned into a much larger, complex opportunity that the partner did not realize until TBI’s Engineers were involved. This level of support led to the deployment of the same solution at 11 additional sites. 



Another example of TBI saving partners time (and money) is through the University of TBI.

One of TBI’s partners, Marco Net, has seen a lot of value in our free, vendor-agnostic training portal, the University of TBI. Marco Net has implemented our training platform into their sales team’s onboarding process and continuing education requirements. Watch the video to learn why.




So, what are you waiting for? Consider TBI as an extension of your team. Work with your Channel Manager to access these resources and reap the benefits.


About the Author
Emily Ball is a Partner Marketing Specialist at TBI. Her objective is to develop strategic programs and help propel sales for TBI’s subagents. Serving as their marketing liaison, Emily fosters growth through strategy discussions, assistance with content creation, campaign development and more. You can contact Emily at or connect with Emily on LinkedIn.