Harnessing a Global CDN to Ensure Low Latency & Excellent User Experience

A Fast-Growing, Global Trading Platform

IQ Option is one of the world’s fastest-growing online trading platforms. Since it began in 2014, it has expanded rapidly and now has more than 41 million members, and sees more than a million trades each day. It offers its members the opportunity to trade contracts for difference (CFD) on stocks, options, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, among other options, and it continues to introduce new products to allow its clients to diversify their investment portfolios.

Distributing Global Content Quickly & Reliably

In the competitive world of online trading, IQ Option’s business relies heavily on the fast, reliable transfer of static data from its platform to its clients across the world, whether that content is a web page, statistical data or educational materials. Minimal latency and high-quality traffic distribution are essential for clients using the platform, since this can directly affect a trader’s ability to access and respond to the latest information. The advertising needed to obtain clients is a significant cost for IQ Option, so it’s important that users have a seamless experience to make sure that new clients can be acquired and existing ones are retained.

IQ Option realized that distributing this data globally using other methods, such as wavelength, would be costly and would not always provide the level of service needed. So the company decided to look for a content delivery network (CDN) provider that could offer good coverage in areas of the world where its clients are clustered, including China, Southeast Asia and South America.


A Reliable, Global CDN

CenturyLink® Content Delivery Network delivers IQ Option’s traffic to its users around the world with a high level of reliability and at a competitive price. IQ option has a multi-CDN model, with the CenturyLink CDN carrying the bulk of the traffic.

The CenturyLink CDN is specifically architected for high capacity, high availability and low latency, to provide rapid and reliable delivery of content to end users. CenturyLink global reach with PoPs in major markets on six continents make sure that IQ Option’s content follows a fast and direct path to its clients, wherever they are.

A Robust, Low-Latency Solution That Boosts Customer Experience

“Stability of service is a big benefit,” says Aleksey Uchakin, Network Team Lead at IQ Option. “We’ve been working with CenturyLink for a couple of years now and there haven’t been any major incidents, which is important for the reliable delivery of content to our clients.”

The scalability of the CenturyLink CDN allows IQ Option to manage traffic spikes effectively without impacting the quality of the service it provides. Service support is also important to IQ Option, as Aleksey said, “CenturyLink provides good support — they’re always happy to discuss our problems and our questions and they pay attention to detail.”

Crucially, the reduction in latency has kept the customer experience at a high level. “Our data center is in Amsterdam and most of our clients are a long distance away, such as China, Southeast Asia and South America,” said Aleksey. “Latency really isn’t good for our clients and with the CenturyLink CDN, we know content will be delivered quickly and reliably and at a competitive price.”

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