How Channel Partners Can Monetize Their Service Offerings by Delivering VMware IaaS

Cybersecurity challenges in 2022 and beyond

The acceleration of digital and remote work adoption has influenced the global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) market. Analysts estimate it will grow at a CAGR of 24.9% between 2022 and 2027, reaching a value of almost USD 360.58 billion by 2027. 1

IaaS is essential for modern organizations as it ensures infrastructure flexibility and interoperability. IaaS enables data to be accessed anywhere and anytime, while network, compute, and storage resources can be quickly scaled and easily adapted to an organization’s operational needs. Without needing to make large up-front investments into hardware, businesses can optimize their IT spend and channel funds to other business processes. This model makes IaaS the right fit for both small businesses and mid-size enterprises. The implementation of IaaS solutions is simple, but most organizations need the assistance of a trusted service provider. Channel partners have a key role in enabling businesses to adopt modern cloud-based solutions and modernize their IT.

Channel partners should continue enhancing their IaaS solutions throughout 2022

In 2022 cloud-native technologies with a focus on cloud and edge environments will continue to bring more flexibility and scalability. Channel partners must adjust their services portfolio to enable the virtualization of their clients’ IT environments and add features that improve security. Organizations are in need of platforms able to support their fluctuating and evolving workloads’ needs, and VMware has enhanced its virtualization-related offerings. VMware solutions by phoenixNAP are helping organizations embrace the cloud in multiple ways, offering platforms that support hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios and providing cloud-based services.2

Make your Cloud Offerings more profitable with IaaS solutions

By partnering with phoenixNAP, channel partners are able to provide their clients with highly secure and robust Infrastructure-as-a-Service. As an extension of your team, phoenixNAP offers 24/7 expert technical support, as well as sales assistance every step of the implementation and management process. phoenixNAP’s services enable you to easily expand your reach and deliver reliable add-on cloud services that will take your clients to the next phase in their cloud journey.

The services available include a secure-by-design VMware platform, VMware-native Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions, as well as customized cloud services. Channel Partners can easily enable robust scalability, enhanced flexibility, and compliance-readiness even for organizations with the strictest performance and security needs. Our infrastructure can easily support a new VDI deployment, providing remote workers with high-speed networks and built-in DDoS protection. We offer migration assistance for VMware-based workloads so that your clients’ businesses can be up and running in minimum time in a managed private or multi-tenant cloud.

The best way to expand your service offering

phoenixNAP is a VMware's Cloud Verified Provider Partner, delivering the highest level of quality and expertise to Channel Partners. This level of service brings full integration and interoperability to you and your clients, helping you easily access the full set of VMware's cloud infrastructure capabilities.

Together with VMware, we help you speed up your time-to-market and transform your services portfolio to meet the demands of a multi-cloud world. Furthermore, with phoenixNAP you can extend your offer to various vertical worldwide markets and compliance certifications. We provide you with the ultimate cloud services and support your workloads across private, hybrid, and public environments. Quickly provisioned and easy to sell, these solutions are ideal for clients concerned with single points of failure, cumbersome backup processes, or costly hardware add-ons.

With phoenixNAP’s Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC), organizations can respond to the demands of their IT environment with agility and precision. VPDC gives channel partners the possibility to provide their clients with a virtualized architecture that can easily be customized and managed. Our Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) is a multi-tenant environment designed to enable fast deployment, easy scaling, and advanced cost-efficiency. As such, it is a perfect fit for small and mid-market organizations in need of development and test environments, and hosted virtual environments. It also caters to enterprise organizations looking for superior flexibility, centralized access, and global availability.

Virtual Private Data Center easily integrates into your clients’ existing vSphere® environment. As a secure, multi-tenant cloud service based on VMware® vCloud® Director, it gives your clients access to every level of the virtual infrastructure. They can efficiently monitor, manage, and scale their resources via tools like vCloud® Networking and Security, vCenter Operations Manager, and phoenixNAP’s proprietary cloud portal (PNCP).

Channel partners can now extend their DR portfolio and provide cloud-to-cloud replications. Enabling fully managed services across multiple environments and secure cloud and connectivity services is a challenge. But VMware-powered DRaaS creates a simple, user-friendly environment for customers, who can specify on a granular level how many RPOs and protections they want.

DRaaS is ideal for organizations that run VMware-based environments, enabling them to achieve availability and business continuity. Built exclusively for VMware customers, this solution is a cost-effective way to eliminate IT downtime and business disruptions. phoenixNAP’s flexible deployment options, global presence, on-demand pricing models, and dedicated staff make phoenixNAP’s DRaaS the perfect option for cloud-based DR.

Problems we solve3

  • Data Security Challenges – phoenixNAP’s cloud solutions are powered by industry-leading technologies, providing your clients with supreme security that never compromises on performance. Your clients can leverage up-to-date threat intelligence feeds, anti-virus and vulnerability scanning, and end-point protection as part of their security and compliance strategies.
  • Insufficiency of Resources and Expertise – the lack of technical staff is one of the leading cloud adoption obstacles. phoenixNAP has a dedicated team of channel sales and technical engineers to support you and your clients on their cloud journey.
  • Complete Governance over IT Services – IT teams often do not have complete control over provisioning, infrastructure delivery, interoperability, and data sovereignty. To help your clients solve these challenges, we provide you with easy-to-provision solutions, full technical and sales support, as well as improved control over your and your clients’ costs and security.
  • Dealing with Multi-Cloud Environments- Modern enterprises increasingly adopt hybrid cloud models, choosing to house applications and systems in multiple data centers or cloud services. To make their hybrid cloud strategy a success, they must find a way to establish a high speed, low latency, secure, and reliable connection between on-prem and the cloud. phoenixNAP owns a data center in Phoenix, Arizona, and provides connectivity to more than 17 colocation facilities around the globe. Our flagship facility provides easy on-ramps to hyperscale cloud services through AWS Direct Connect and Google Cloud Interconnect. With more than 40 different carriers and access to a high-performance grid with up to 44 kW power density per rack, we ensure geo-redundant power for your data and applications!
  • Cloud Migration - While migrating their apps to the cloud, organizations report downtime (37%), issues syncing data before cutover (40%), problems with migration tools (40%), slow data migration (44%), security configuration issues (46%), and time-consuming troubleshooting (47%). phoenixNAP ensures cloud migration is efficient and painless. We guide you through every migration step and keep a watchful eye on your network 24/7.
  • Cost optimization – 30% of cloud investments are wasted. phoenixNAP collaborates with technology leaders to introduce robust platform solutions so Channel Partners can build and manage the right infrastructure for their clients’ workloads, enabling businesses to meet their objectives while optimizing IT costs.

The future of Infrastructure-as-a-Service

VMware has introduced the "software-defined data center" as the next step in the evolution of data centers. Built on a VMware vSphere and vCloud virtual infrastructure, this service provides automation, encapsulation, self-service, and cloud interconnectivity atop virtualization. VMware creates its version of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with private or hybrid clouds.

Now channel partners can architect a cloud environment that supports distributed apps to meet their clients’ business goals. VMware solutions by phoenixNAP offer a unique approach to building, running, and managing modern infrastructure. By delivering VMware solutions, channel partners can increase flexibility, accelerate time to market, add value, and optimize the cost of operating their clients’ multi-cloud environment. We provide a stable foundation for you to achieve this.

The complete portfolio of Infrastructure Solutions:

  • Bare Metal Cloud
  • Colocation
  • Hardware-as-a-Service
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Managed Private Cloud
  • Virtual Private Data Center (hybrid cloud)
  • Data Security Cloud
  • Back-up and Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service


What businesses are looking for in IaaS providers:

  • Incorporated cloud security
  • Simplified transfer of apps, workloads, and data across cloud
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Flexible consumption models and contract terms
  • No upfront capital
  • Ability to leverage existing VMware infrastructure with ease
  • Single and multi-tenant VMware environment deployment options
  • Dedicated account managers
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Secure migration of applications
  • Significant cost savings as compared to managing an in-house data center


Make-A-Wish case study

Learn how phoenixNAP helped Make-A-Wish leverage cloud technologies to create a stable infrastructure environment. Make-A-Wish experienced different challenges managing the old infrastructure and wanted its technology staff free to focus on new ways to support their chapters and wish-granting efforts. phoenixNAP team of experts helped Make-A-Wish identify the best fit for their new technology platform and improve efficiency, cost-optimization, and time to market.

“Our technology environment is now extremely stable, and we’ve experienced no service outages or problems since moving to phoenixNAP. That translates into improved up-time for our chapters, allowing them to dedicate more time to fundraising and granting wishes.”

Paul Mehlhorn, Chief Financial Officer, Make-A-Wish

Read the case study.


Benefits of working with phoenixNAP

With phoenixNAP, your customers won’t worry about the complexities of maintaining a highly redundant infrastructure. As an Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, phoenixNAP enables businesses to easily deploy reliable cloud services and add-on Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions.

Our partnership program is designed to create new opportunities and help partners generate new recurring revenue streams. Our technical engineering and channel sales teams are at your disposal 24/7 to help you grow your business and build credibility. With the largest portfolio of secure cloud and IaaS solutions (nearly impossible to find with other vendors), we provide more options and value for your clients. Our services are easy to upsell and attach to your existing customer base, enabling you to earn more revenue. Our dedicated channel team will provide you with technical, sales, and marketing know-how, helping you to get started with ease, grow your business, and expand your reach.

VMware solutions by phoenixNAP provide your clients with a high-performance infrastructure while maintaining the highest level of security, helping them maximize their investments.


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