How The TBI Sales Support Role Has Evolved Over The Years

An Inside look from a Program Manager

When I originally started at TBI, fourteen years ago, there were only two of us in sales support. Now there are over 60. Back then, we did everything from getting various quotes to generating paperwork and submitting orders. We did this for all agents and for every provider. We tracked things, manually and killed a lot of trees from printing. Soon after I started, we hired a third support person. Business kept growing as TBI expanded our provider portfolio and brought on more agents. Then came RPM, our first CRM. I remember it being good for tracking commissions and creating a log for quotes.

Our support team grew, as well; we were called Vendor Specialists. Eventually, the team split into pre-sales, focused on the quoting and post-sales, focused on processing orders. We had a few office moves before finding our current home office near O’Hare Airport.

Three years ago, RPM was replaced by NetSuite. NetSuite, an Oracle company is used as both an ERP and CRM and has been custom built for our operations department to manage opportunity tracking, quotes, contract request, order submissions and project management.

I’m told that the folks at NetSuite wrote up a case study and press release on our customization, usage and successful deployment of their software. And our marketing team recently put out a press release detailing our project management system. 

Concurrently, TBI added a specialized support team for cable providers and separate support team for the Omni Center as well.

What was originally structured as pod teams for pre-sales was restructured for improved accountability, time management and our ability to create and meet SLAs through our qualification specialists, proposal specialists, cable specialists, and cable post sales specialist.

On the post-sales side the function of Vendor Specialist progressed and changed into two teams: the Pre Order Acceptance generates contracts and submits orders and the Post Order Acceptance team project manages orders and installations. With growth and carrier focus, there are a couple hybrids who maintain both functions for larger, strategic providers.

My current role and day-to-day is comprised of post sales and project management. And as I reflect on this, I am amazed at all the changes, how we’ve grown, how we’ve transitioned our operations department to be a true value add for our partners. I’m humbled to share my department’s history and evolution.

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About the Author
Anne Pheuphong is a certified Project Management Professional, overseeing TBI’s operational support project management team as Program Manager. Anne originally joined TBI in 2004, moved to North Carolina and took up account management positions at XO Communications (awarded President’s Club in 2010) and Time Warner Cable Business; she came back to TBI in 2012. Within TBI, Anne has been promoted from Strategic Vendor Specialist to Assistant Post Sales and most recently Program Manager due to her adaptability, organization, detail orientated and high communication style. Anne has two kids and is a member of their local Elks Lodge, often participating in community events.