How to Sell Cloud to the C-Suite

Step One: Don't Dump the IT Director

** This is a partial recap of the fourth webinar in our convergence series, How to Sell Cloud as a Business Technology Adviser: Part 2. You can watch the whole recorded webinar here.

Many of our agents have been told by industry “experts” that in order to close a cloud deal with an enterprise company, they’ve got to jump over the IT director’s head and speak directly with the C-suite. While speaking to the C-suite is more often than not the end goal, we’ll argue that the IT director is still an extremely valuable relationship for you to cultivate.

When was the last time you had the opportunity to walk right in to the CIO’s office and talk strategy? More often than not, to get to the executive offices, what you need is an advocate. This is where the director of IT comes in.

How to Sell Cloud Webinar


Watch our webinar "How to Sell Cloud as a Business Technology Adviser: Part 2"

The IT director is someone with whom you already have, or can more easily, build a relationship. Develop that relationship. Sit down with the IT director and have a conversation about his organization and the challenges it faces day-to-day as well as on a global level. The director is your window into the company and can offer suggestions and ideas as to the solutions you should be bringing to the table. Use this conversation to develop a strategy and help build your brand within the organization. Then, together you can bring your ideas to the C-suite table and present them on a unified front.

When you finally do land that meeting with the C-suite, make sure you do your homework and arm yourself with the information that shows you have the answers to the company’s challenges. Understand the pain points each executive faces and have specific services and suggestions lined up that speak to these.

For more information on how to sell cloud to the C-suite watch our entire webinar “How to Sell Cloud as a Business Technology Advisor: Part 2”. or catch up on Part 1 here.


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