Grow Your Business by Leading with Security

In the same way that you may decide to drink Orange Juice for a Vitamin C boost, workout to improve your overall health, or avoid those cookies that showed up for a co-worker’s birthday, you can take all the right steps and still succumb to illness.  Security is no different; no matter how “secure” you or your clients are, there is always risk. However, fear not because there are still many steps you can take to minimize risk and ensure the best health and longevity for both you and your clients’ organizations.

Gartner forecasts enterprise security spending will exceed $96 billion in 2018—an increase of nearly 10 percent in just one year—with over 60% of organizations investing in multiple data security tools by 2020. The fact is, no one can ever be 100% secure. Security is a layered approach that starts with knowledge and training of employees and spans out to the edges of the network and beyond. 

It is no surprise that there is so much hype around security, and yet very few partners in the channel are addressing the actual needs of their customers as it relates to security. In fact, according to a recent webinar, Datto estimated that a mere 15% of partners in the channel are truly addressing security beyond the firewall. Despite 50% of companies TechRepublic surveyed indicating that improving security is a top priority for their IT spending in 2018, channel sales still aren’t reflecting this trend.sell-security-solutions-through-tbi

Though it can be difficult to quantify the exact percentage of IT spending dedicated to security, Gartner recently estimated that companies spend roughly 30% of their IT budget on security. In that case, why are only an estimated 15% of channel partners having this conversation? Security impacts nearly every technology within a client environment: DIA and MPLS, SD-WAN, UCaaS, desktops and laptops, firewalls, and, in an increasingly mobile workforce, cell phones and mobile devices.

You might be wondering where this leaves you. Enter TBI. It is my responsibility (and that of my peers) as a Channel Manager, to educate our partners (and ultimately the end users). We arm you not only with the expertise and materials necessary to have these types of conversations, but also the ability to do so with confidence. As part of the TBI team, we have your back, and, like any good team, we have a well-rounded roster of support, engineers, training, and even marketing resources to boost your business to the next level.

However, like any endeavor, a strong business plan is the foundation and key to any successful partnership. In my opinion, this is the reason why TBI and our partners can make the biggest difference together. By empowering your customers with the relevant data regarding the risks within their business and technology platforms, you become a key resource to ensure they choose the right security solutions for their growing business needs. You will not only position yourself as a true advisor but also pave the way for a steady increase in recurring revenue and a foundational business growth strategy for the future.

TBI has your back – let’s start a security conversation today.

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As a Channel Manager at TBI, Mitch develops strategic relationships with like-minded organizations, working with clients on the front-lines to help simplify the technology landscape. Mitch serves as a trusted business and technology advisor to his partners, identifying and recommending the best solutions for their customers’ digital journeys. You can contact Mitch at or connect with him on LinkedIn.