Masergy's Advanced Approach to Managed Security Services

Masergy’s patented technology and continuous expert monitoring protects global enterprises from advanced cyber threats. Our Unified Enterprise Security (UES) technology leverages sophisticated machine learning and big data analytics. UES can be deployed standalone, or integrated with existing security systems, to deliver continuous prediction, protection, and detection of advanced cyber threats.

An Explanation of Masergy's UES Technology

Masergy has developed a security solution that continuously and automatically learns the unique normal behaviors of each client network. By comparing actual behavior to predicted behavior, we detect even the most subtle anomalies. Our team of security experts continuously monitor and investigate all suspicious behaviors and threat alerts. When a threat is confirmed, we block the malicious traffic and initiate an incident response with actionable remediation steps.



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Quantitatively define your customer's cyber loss expectancy based on current security investments and capabilities.
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Understand the Threat

Enterprises need to adopt predictive intelligence that can detect and help stop both internal and external attacks.
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This next generation managed service provides your customers with an integrated security architecture and advanced behavioral analysis to track suspicious network activities.
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See How One Financial Institution Utilized Masergy

Elevate provides online credit services to consumers and wanted to replace its managed security provider with a company that could work as an extension of its IT team. Masergy’s security experts proved to be the creative problem solvers Elevate was looking for.
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About the Author
Masergy owns and operates the largest independent Software Defined Platform in the world, delivering hybrid networking, managed security and cloud communication solutions to enterprises around the globe. Our platform leverages advanced technologies including software defined networking, network function virtualization, advanced machine learning, and big data analytics to drive the flexibility, visibility, and control that enterprise IT teams require. By simplifying complexity through automation, we design, deploy, modify and manage these essential solutions.

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