Maximizing the Value of Your Business Relationships

I recently represented TBI at the 2015 IT Expo in Miami. The event serves as a meeting place for companies from all sectors of the IT communications industry including service providers, VARs, resellers, developers, manufacturers, and more.

My goal at the event was to educate VARs and resellers on the benefits of partnering with TBI to add connectivity solutions to their core businesses. It’s no secret that in the IT industry, VARs have two options: evolve and thrive or remain stagnant and become obsolete. If success is the goal, TBI is the best avenue to help resellers get there.

I say this because with a TBI partnership VARs have the ability to enhance their business relationships and increase revenue by offering services outside of their current portfolio.

Here are two scenarios I encountered at this year’s IT Expo that perfectly illustrate the benefits TBI can bring to the agent-customer relationship.

Business team showing unity with hands together

Scenario #1

Business: Telephone Sales Company
Problem: The company was witnessing decreased margins year after year as customers increasingly moved their phone systems to the cloud. The business owner realized adding connectivity solutions to the company’s offering was a wise strategic move, but he was getting poor results by working with local telecommunications and cable company sales representatives. Sometimes the sales representative he was counting on didn’t return phone calls or emails in a timely manner. In other cases, the representative simply could not secure the services a customer needed and offered no guidance on who could.
The TBI Advantage: Because of the large sales volume TBI does and the longstanding relationships we have with over 50 of the nation’s best service providers, we get responses from them quickly and accurately.
Result: The business owner gave me an opportunity to quote services right then and there. In particular, he had been waiting for an answer from a local sales representative for over a week on one service. I requested the quote from my support team and was able to get him an answer within minutes. As we say in the sales industry, time is money; why waste it waiting for a response?

Scenario #2

Company: SIP Provider that sells their hosted platform as a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bandwidth) solution.
Problem: The business owner informed me oftentimes his customer doesn’t have enough bandwidth to run the platform. The owner had been directing these customers to a local cable company to set up an additional modem. Not only can this coordination turn into a laborious and time-consuming project, this agent is literally handing his customer over to the cable company and passing up a revenue opportunity for his own business.
The TBI Advantage: The agent can sell his customer bandwidth through TBI and earn residual income in the form of commission every single month. TBI handles the quoting, ordering, and installation with the cable company and the customer receives the exact service at the same price he would have had he gone directly with the cable company. The only difference is in added value for the agent: Another service offering in his portfolio providing an additional stream of revenue to his business.
Result: This particular agent sat down to calculate the opportunities he had been leaving on the table and realized he had lost over $1,200 in residual monthly revenue this year alone. With a TBI partnership, opportunities like this don’t slip through the cracks.

These are just two scenarios that highlight the value a TBI partnership brings to agents’ existing customer relationships. With TBI, agents gain access to a host of new product offerings through the nation’s best providers, the most responsive support professionals in the industry, and an added source of revenue. To learn how TBI can help enhance your success, contact me today.

About the Author
Matthew Fromm is an Agent Recruitment Manager at TBI. His team focuses on recruiting new partners like MSPs and VARs, to the TBI partner network and educating them on the benefits of working with TBI as a distributor. You can contact Matt at or connect with him on LinkedIn here.