MetTel Launches SD-M to Extend Private Cloud Security, Compliance & Adaptability to Corporate Mobility

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New York City, New York - March 10, 2020 -- MetTel, an IT communications leader specializing in digital transformation, has launched a new cloud service, SD-M, that extends key benefits of SD-WAN - Security, compliance and adaptability - to enterprise mobility. 

SD-M provides actionable insight and control of factors impacting performance, costs and security of mobility usage by your workforce. It benefits the enterprise similarly to cloud-based SD-WAN (software defined wide area network).   SD-M can operate across the multiple mobile network providers used by any business and can be added as a feature to any device provisioned by MetTel.

"Enterprises spend approximately $124 billion per year securing their IT," said Max Silber, VP of mobility & IoT at MetTel.   "But the minute an employee leaves their PC to work off their smartphone, they leave all that protection behind and risk corporate data to hackers and malware. Placing that employee's device into a protective SD-M private cloud extends the benefits of the corporate network to the mobile workforce."

In many highly regulated verticals such as healthcare, retail and government, compliance risks also arise from mobile workers taking their enterprise access with them wherever they go. And while IT departments typically devote energy and investment into protecting the corporate network, mobile device traffic is left uncontrolled. Mobile device management (MDM) software can secure the devices themselves and their business applications, but does not, however, secure or analyze mobile device Internet traffic, leaving the device browser unprotected.

SD-M fills this gap. It can implement, update and enforce browser security policy based on real usage insight.

MetTel SD-M

"Think of the browser as the trap-door for corporate data hidden in plain sight," said Silber. "Employees can be compromised via public web sites and Internet services at any time. SD-M locks down the browser and provides a clear, actionable view of Internet activity on the company mobile device."

Corporate mobility costs are rising, in large part due to increasing data accessed by mobile users. While data increases often stem from valid business reasons, they are increasingly caused by unwarranted and personal access to popular video streaming and other data-rich services. Such access can dramatically increase business costs, especially as the global mobile work force is expected to number 1.87 billion people (42.5% of the global work force) by 2022.

But other, more significant threats arise from the widespread access of public services: higher security and compliance risks.   The reality is that not every endpoint or entry point to the corporate network is protected.   Companies often don't realize how much greater the risk is to their corporate data via employees' mobile devices when they leave the business premises. A 2019 Verizon study found that that 33% of businesses surveyed suffered a breach involving a mobile device, and 47% of those businesses said that remediation was "difficult and expensive."

By analyzing and securing mobile Internet traffic patterns, SD-M informs the enterprise what types of Internet services the company is paying for. Using SD-M, the company can make policy changes based on the analysis of current data usage, taking actions such as:

  • Blocking unwanted usage
  • Reducing data usage
  • Proactively adapting to realize savings on the data plan. 

For more information about MetTel SD-M, contact your Channel Manager.

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