NEW Security Threat Landscape: What is 2022 Bringing to Channel Partners?

As companies are massively shifting to the hybrid working environment, IT Service Providers need to adjust their security strategies and service offerings to fit their clients’ infrastructure needs, help them effectively fight ransomware, and maintain business continuity.

We can help partners safeguard their clients’ business continuity and disaster preparedness by providing secure cloud and IaaS services. Read more to see how the security landscape is changing and what you need to keep your business competitive.

Dramatic changes in the cybersecurity landscape are directly impacting IT service providers and their service portfolios. With average downtime going up from 21 to 23 days, more insidious and frequent ransomware attacks, and widespread hybrid work models, channel partners are seeing increased demand for cloud adoption, advanced security, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions. IT service providers need to empower their clients to adopt emerging technologies and enable business continuity, protect their assets, and connect their distributed apps and workloads worldwide. 


Industry-Leading Infrastructure Security Technologies

Are your clients dealing with sensitive or compliance-regulated data? Are they looking to increase their security levels without having to deal with a complex infrastructure setup? 

We’ve brought to market Data Security Cloud (DSC), a turnkey, PCI compliance-ready VMware-based private cloud that enables channel partners to offer the highest overall value in security-focused IaaS.

DSC delivers cutting-edge security technologies that go well beyond the capabilities of other cloud solutions. This feature-rich platform is helping partners to deliver the latest cloud security technologies to their clients without the costs and hassle of managing their infrastructure. With DSC you will maximize your IT investments and meet your customers’ most rigorous security demands. 

As clients adopt the cloud, their business evolves and so does their network. That’s why we designed an entirely new networking fabric, which leverages the most modern Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies to create a reliable, resilient, and responsive communication platform.

We are now able to support you and your clients in the adoption of cloud technologies, with the availability to scale globally, improve application performance, and deliver a better customer experience. 

By adopting a modern security infrastructure with VMware, your clients will get advanced data protection and data availability even in the case of a breach or disaster.


How Data Security Cloud is different:

  • No large upfront investments – pay-per-use billing model, easy to quote
  • VMware NSX micro-segmentation
  • Integrated backups – a fresh copy of your clients’ data to restore in the event of a disaster
  • 100% network uptime and access to your clients’ virtual servers, processes, and stored data
  • Antivirus and malware scanning for intelligent threat detection
  • Multi-tenant, compliance-ready virtualized environment 
  • Built, managed, and fully supported by our in-house security experts
  • Cloud-native infrastructure hosted in our data centers across the globe with strict physical security measures in place
  • Hybrid Cloud integration capabilities to Azure & AWS
  • Zero-trust policies



How channel partners can benefit by offering DSC:

Higher revenues per opportunity 

Available on an opex-based model, DSC delivers more value for every dollar spent. Partners can achieve better overall TCO/ROI, generating more MRR on average per sale.


In-demand technology

DSC is built on a high-performance, redundant infrastructure to deliver a secure multi-tenant cloud. DSC is more than a stripped-down cloud offering, making it the best fit secure-cloud solution for partners.


More MRR generated on average per sale

The DSC Essential bundle includes managed Veeam backups, Sophos AV, and PCI compliant IaaS. DSC Advanced comes with Alert Logic MDR 24/7 SOC services, VMware, and Intel. Both bundles are available with DRaaS upsell opportunities.


Higher closing ratio and more satisfied customers 

Our pre- and post-sales and engineering experts tailor each solution to the customers’ desired business outcomes. Our sales process is designed to influence and earn the sale. 


How UCaaS providers can take advantage of this opportunity?

DSC: Faster and stronger protection



According to Metrigy's 2021-2022 global study on workplace collaboration*, companies are shifting towards the cloud for their communications needs or running a combination of UC as a service (UCaaS) and on-premises UC. The primary drivers for adopting the cloud are cost savings, increased security, and better support for remote work, as well as the emergence of more available cloud features.

As video and video conferences are becoming critical services within their organizations, UCaaS providers are rapidly improving their video meeting experiences, adding new AI-enabled features. Data Security Cloud is supported with AI and ML and makes a perfect fit for your client’s secure infrastructure needs. It enables you to add DRaaS and upsell it with ease, helping you extend your services portfolio and your global reach. As an opex-model base solution, DSC comes with competitive prices, allowing you to maintain an edge over competitors.

* Metrigy research, Workplace collaboration: 2021-22, 2021