Nextiva Customer Success Story

Goldberg Hedgefund is a financial services business based in Heath, TX that provides short-term small business loans. Goldberg switched to Nextiva Business Communication Suite for its business phone service and CRM needs, resulting in a 227% increase in monthly loans originated over the first 6 months using the platform.


Before implementing Nextiva, Goldberg HedgeFunds relied on a combination of two providers. They were frustrated with the quality of their phone service, the lack of customer data visibility across systems, and the overall usability of their CRM. 

"My team found the previous providers confusing. We would see a lot of irrelevant information on customers and current opportunities, get confused, and end up wasting time," GHF President Andrew Goldberg says. "Every time we wanted to give a loan to an existing customer, we had to create a duplicate account. This made it extremely difficult to track full account history in one view as well as to understand how to best serve our customer." 

Inefficient processes were impacting Goldberg's business. "Speed is incredibly important in our business. There are small business owners literally relying on our funding who need it in a very short time frame. We needed a CRM that would help us deliver it to them." 



Goldberg switched his business to Nextiva Voice, and was pleased with the superior business phone service Nextiva offered compared to their previous provider. It wasn't long before he set his sights on the problems with their CRM. 

"I was blown away by what Nextiva offered compared to other companies," Goldberg says. "I love the ability to see who I'm talking to and manipulate the call within the CRM in one click."

Goldberg also strongly prefers Nextiva's account interface. "With Nextiva, I can set up multiple files with one client. All the information is clustered clearly. It doesn't tell you anything you don't need to know."

Goldberg asserts that Nextiva has enabled his team to move at the speed of its customers. "With a couple of clicks, we can patch the right people from our team into the conversation, then get all the notes and history so we can fund deals immediately." 

One of Goldberg's favorite features is the ability to initiate calls and send emails from within the CRM. "We automate all our customer communication with emails to manage our book of clients. These features help us follow up with leads, refinance customer loans, and secure new business." 

One of the most significant benefits of Nextiva, says Goldberg, is its usability. "The ease-of-use is extreme; it only took a five minute class and my employees were ready to start closing deals with Nextiva."


ABOUT Nextiva

Nextiva is a business communications company. With Nextiva, you get a single operating system for business communications, enabling seamless communication through any channel (phone, email, website, chat, SMS), productivity tools like pipeline and customer management, engagement tools like surveys, built-in intelligence, and easy-to-use automation.