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We are happy to say that in 2019 our Indirect Channel grew significantly in both the number of partners selling Comcast Business and the revenue generated, and with that success, we are announcing the next level of our team’s evolution.

Effective December 22, our Inside Partner Sales Manager Team (IPSMs) in Denver and our Field Partner Sales Manager Team (PSMs) will now work together in a new selling model that will leverage efficiencies and scale, to support and drive our partners’ funnel activity and sales results.

  • The PSM role will be focused on strategic partner engagement, specifically driving larger multi-site and ActiveCore℠ deals. This change will help us increase face-to-face meetings with partners and customers about more advanced services and solutions each month such as SDN, Firewall, DDoS Mitigation, SMB bundles, Multi-site Coax deals and more. It will also allow for us to spend more time training our partners on the full portfolio on Comcast Business solutions.
  • The IPSM role will be involved in managing daily quoting/contracting process and opportunity lifecycle for all assigned partners and more.
  • The IPSM and PSM will work together in each territory to increase engagement in key partner initiatives across the shared base.
  • Cody Calhoun will assume the role of Sr. Director, Field Partner Sales West. In this role, Cody will manage all of the current West team with Jim Bing and John Kantaris as well as the Northern portion of Central with Sam Giannakopoulos.
  • Barry Williams will take a shift and assume the role as Executive Director, Field Partner Sales East. In this role, Barry will manage all of the current NED team with Maureen O’Connell and FJ McDonnell as well as the Southern part of Central with Quismet Fernandez-Sanchez.

Our focus is always on our partners’ ease of doing business with Comcast Business and this new structure will support that focus. We are confident that you will be pleased with the level of support that you receive from our sales team. Comcast PSMIPSM Alignment

You can find the updated map outlining our new sales organization here. Download the latest product guide here.

Your PSM and IPSM will be contacting you with more information.





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