Outperform the Competition

Strategic Planning and the Path to Success.

You wouldn’t head out on a week-long road trip without first deciding on your route and planning your stops; similarly, it doesn’t make sense to operate your business without a plan, and we’re sure you don’t, but many business plans are just vague long-term goals, rather than strategic and tactical planning based on solid data and by leveraging the tools at your disposal.

business-planning-stock-imageDon’t wait until December—or worse, after the first of the year—to create next year’s business plan; you should begin your planning now, after your third quarter results are in; at the very latest, start your planning well before people start taking off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Not sure where to start? TBI is launching a couple of new assets that partners can use to help you get a jump on next year, from both business and marketing perspectives. We’ve worked hard to provide you with a variety of information that can help partners grow their business year over year, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.

For the first time ever, TBI, partnered with AT&T to investigate and report out on various metrics within the channel, including industry performance and outlook, demand for services, investments in emerging technologies, and key challenges being faced in the channel today. The findings are detailed in “The State of Channel Partner Business Report,” which is comprised of answers from actual channel partners and can be utilized by channel partners such as yourself to help you gain deeper insight into peer performance and the state of the channel in general.

This report offers some key insights, such as where your peers are spending their money, how they’re planning on growing their business in the coming years, and what technologies they are winning with today. Leveraged wisely, this type of data can become a pivotal source of data for you and others in the channel to help you make strategic business decisions when planning for 2019.


As we begin to look beyond 2018 and begin to peer into the future at 2019, it’s the ideal time for partners to start considering their 2019 marketing strategy. Beginning your planning now will give you the best chance to build successful strategies for the upcoming year. But where should you focus and how can you pull it off, if you don’t have an entire marketing team in-house? TBI has the answer with our newly launched through channel marketing automation (TCMA tool), Partner Marketing Center (affectionately dubbed PMC because we really like acronyms around here).  Long story short—think small but mighty marketing tool, that already has content included!

The long story:  PMC is a completely free marketing tool available to our partners that houses both TBI-created agnostic solution campaigns as well as specific vendor solution campaigns; it also provides the mechanism by which to launch these emails campaigns. Partner Marketing Center will contain all the items you need to create entire marketing campaigns or simply a co-branded piece of collateral that is specific to you and your unique business needs. 

TBI-Partner-Marketing-Center_Logo_Color-01It is a robust tool that enables partners to create and run your own personalized marketing efforts in an easy-to-use and easy-to-customize format. The assets in PMC will include items such as sales slicks and/or assets such as white papers, emails, landing pages, graphics and social media posts. The tool is also able to report on overall campaign usage, response rates and activity, empowering partners with the data you need to help drive marketing decisions and successfully close leads.

On average, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing (and generates 3x leads); with TBI’s Partner Marketing Center, we provide you with all the content you need and the vehicle by which to launch the campaigns; so, your ROI is already there simply by leveraging this tool. While planning your marketing strategies for next year, you can leverage PMC to target specific solutions and/or vendors; you’ll have enough content at your fingertips to plan campaigns well into 2019.

Although historically speaking, a lot of a partner’s marketing budget may have been spent solely on more traditional marketing methods, such as brochures, 28% of marketers have decreased their promotions budget to invest more in digital marketing, and TBI believes we can help you do the same simply and inexpensively, so that you can begin reaping the benefits next year.

It may seem like October is too early to begin mapping out your business strategy for next year, but a recent study demonstrated that 70% of companies that have a formal and established process to execute their strategies outperform their competitors. These organizations are also eight times more likely to rely on technological solutions to automate processes such as budget preparation, financial reports and forecasts; they also leverage tools such as industry reports, their own company’s performance for past years and projections for the economy and industry for the upcoming year. This, in turn, allows them a greater adaptation capacity of their internal processes and strategies.

TBI wants our partners success, and we will continue to offer a variety of tools that can be leveraged for planning, ongoing revenue generation and the maintenance of the relationship between partners and your current customers. Don’t get left behind. Check-out “The State of the Channel Business Report” and start planning how you’ll utilize the Partner Marketing Center to increase your digital marketing efforts in 2019.


As Marketing Communications Manager, Amanda is responsible for creating content and carrying out internal and external communications programs; she also develops educational materials to enable TBI’s partners to sell emerging solutions. Amanda also contributes to ensuring consistency with branding and ensuring TBI provides useful and relevant content to our partners. You can reach Amanda at ajohnson@tbicom.com or connect with her on LinkedIn.