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Being in the right place at the right time: that’s how I feel about TBI attending the final event of the 2014 ASCII Summit Series in Bally’s Atlantic City.

I’m here at the show with Channel Manager Seth Woodward, speaking with ASCII members and explaining the value TBI brings to the table in the form of a strategic partnership. Looking from their business point of view we’re showing ASCII members that working with TBI allows them to offer their customers a complete technology solution, which adds exponential value to their current customer relationship, while also setting them on a level above their own competitors who don’t offer these technology services.

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TBI First Master Distributor to Join New WOW! Business Partner Program

ENGLEWOOD, Co. – October 22, 2014 – WOW! Business, a communications and cloud service provider, has signed a channel sales agreement with TBI, the nation’s leading third-party distributor of technology solutions. The agreement makes TBI the first third-party distributor to join the new WOW! Business Partner Alliance program and fortifies the regional communication service provider’s ability to meet growing demand from business customers in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast U.S.

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I love New York.

And last week I had an amazing opportunity to travel there for a major partner event.

As a National Channel Manager, I support partners throughout the country. At times, it can be difficult to meet every partner face-to-face or visit them as often as I would like, so I jumped at the chance to help put together a special event for our Manhattan area partners. Together with our Premier Solution Provider, Comcast, we hosted over 25 current and prospective partners who joined us for a great evening of food, drinks – and hockey!

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“The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club!

Tyler Durden, Fight Club


When TBI talks with its partner community about cloud computing, we find a shockingly similar approach to Tyler Durden’s character in Chuck Palahniuk’s seminal work, Fight Club.

“The first rule of cloud computing is you do not talk about cloud computing.”

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When our Channel Managers review different product and service options for partners, a multitude of considerations come into play. In this article, we’ll discuss two different pricing models that influence the recommendations we make for data services: Distance and Local Access and Area Transport (LATA).

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Dave Michels is one of my favorite industry pundits. Behind the curmudgeonly exterior resides a very shrewd mind with often key insights. He knows intimately where technology has been and where it is going, often ahead of the “in the know” pack.

Dave is especially adept at sounding the death knell for those industries he views as behind the curve as well as woefully behind the times. In his sights for quite awhile has been premises-based communications.

Dave’s most recent bow shot, “Premises-Based UC is Over”, lays out several specific reasons why the channel should look hard at moving its customers to cloud communications solutions.

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Yesterday, TBI kicked off our new partner webinar series with a topic that’s been creating some waves in the channel community: technology convergence.

I, along with our Sales Trainer, Dave Landsberger, decided to develop this series of bimonthly webinars because our industry is in the midst of a major transformation. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a lack of education being provided to the channel community surrounding this transformation and we want to fill that gap. Our goal is to help our partners gain a better understanding of the changing trends so we can focus on how you can use these changes to expand your business and profit from them.

In case you missed it, here are the 3 technology changes we discussed and how they work in your advantage (you can also watch the whole webinar by following the link at the bottom).

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The “consumerization of IT” is a fairly simple idea. In short, it amounts to a reversal of roles.

It speaks to the impact consumer-originated technologies are having on enterprises. Increasingly, IT is no longer dictating to employees the hardware platforms and software applications that must be used to conduct business. Instead, the technology consumers themselves – sales, marketing, the back office – are in charge of decision making and telling IT to make things happen.

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