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Large businesses — defined as those with 250+ employees, over 20 sites and a $50,000 spend on monthly recurring charges (MRC) — offer opportunities for big channel revenue rewards.

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Did you miss yesterday’s TBI webinar? Here is a brief recap and link to the presentation.

In “Understanding your Prospects”, TBI Director of Sales Adam Knudsen and Sales Trainer Dave Landsberger discussed strategies agents can use when targeting prospective customers or introducing new services to their current customers.

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What’s the square root of 347,890? What is the capital of New Zealand? How many nautical miles are between California and South Korea? What is your mother-in-law’s middle name?

Chances are most of you don’t know the answers to the questions above. I certainly don’t.

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The midsize business market – defined as those companies with 25-100 users, more than five corporate locations, and $5,000 in monthly recurring charges (MRC) – offers alluring opportunities for driving significant channel revenue growth in the years ahead.

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When we talk about our technology being smart, I think of Buzz Lightyear. Specifically, I think of Buzz in his more delusional days in the first Toy Story film, when he genuinely believed that the laser pointer in his arm was a dangerous laser beam and not simply a red beam of light.

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Here we are: 2015. A new slate, a fresh start.

Closing the book on another year, not only is it human nature to look back at the past 12 months and measure your personal successes and setbacks, it’s also prudent business practice. The best way to set constructive and realistic goals for the new year is to take a good look at the past year.

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While high-level catch phrases won the day in non-IT circles this past year, the emergence of unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) — packaged telephony functions integrated with messaging, mobile, and productivity apps — made 2014 the year of voice.

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In the last five years, 90% of companies began turning to (or at least began investigating) the cloud to build infrastructure, store data, address business continuity and disaster recovery issues, and to run applications. This according to a new study published by IT industry analysts at CompTIA.

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