Preparing Customers for the Fight Against Everyday Devices

The rise of IoT devices has made life more convenient for consumers, but has also made the internet more dangerous for businesses. Just recently, a massive DDoS attack knocked some of the world’s most prominently visited websites offline, including Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, and Amazon. The culprit? A botnet comprised of internet-connected consumer devices like cameras, DVRs, and automated thermostats.

Unfortunately, you don’t have control over how consumers decide to protect their technologies. However, you do have the ability to better protect customers from the damaging threats that lurk the internet. TBI’s Sales Enablement Specialist, Seth Woodward, dives deeply into this in an article published by The VAR Guy.

From explaining why the channel should care to suggesting actions you should take, he provides a 360-degree overview on the topic.

Read the full article on The VAR Guy and learn why you should make selling DDoS mitigation a top priority in 2017.


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