Protecting Your Customers in the Digital Age

Worldwide security spending will reach $124 billion in 2018 - Gartner

Across the globe, companies are moving quickly towards virtualized environments to work smarter and faster, seeking the latest cloud technology to help streamline workloads, offset costs and reduce overhead and capital expenditures. Advancements in technologies to meet these demands create large gaps in an organization’s overall IT strategy and more importantly, their security strategy.

Virtualization breeds new and greater security threats; a recent survey found that there has been an increase of nearly 30% in annual data breaches (2017 Cost of Cybercrime Study, Accenture); these companies are most likely moving to cloud-based everything at a pace that leaves them overlooking the security component these changes bring.

pc-lockAlthough the tools and solutions to prevent cyberattacks exist, there is still a very prevalent “it won’t happen to us” type of mentality when it comes to cybersecurity spending decisions. The unfortunate reality is that cyber threats don’t discriminate against the size, type or location of a business, and the need for security measures has never been greater than it is today.

Your customers are relying on you to be the voice of knowledge and reason; you should be having a security conversation with every single one of your current customers and future opportunities. If you don’t, they will end up having it with someone else.

TBI ‘s security guide is here to help educate you on how to protect your customers in the digital age. It explains the threat landscape, what most companies are doing wrong, and how you can add security to your portfolio by educating your customers and asking just a few simple questions.

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