Purchases during COVID…that became stuff we can’t live without

As a look back on this craziness of a year, Corey shares a roundup of items she’s glad were purchased during the pandemic (though there were countless misses, too). While most Amazon purchases are shared weekly on Coffee with Corey Wednesdays, she solicited items bought from the rest of the marketing team, as well. You just might get some holiday shopping inspiration from this list. Enjoy!


Remote Work


1. Wireless Noise Canceling Ear Buds 4. Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine
2. Blue Light Glasses 5. Desk Organizer
3. Video Conference Light 6. White Board




1. Doctor Activity Center 5. Paper Bag Monster Kit
2. Water Balloons 6. Dune Racer
3. Batting Tee 7. Hot Wheels Car Builder
4. Ocean Jigsaw Puzzle 8. Stomp Rocket



1. Holiday Christmas Tree 6. Dog Fur Remover
2. Stuffed Cookie Gift Box 7. Wood Burning Camping Stove
3. Super King Comforter 8. The Defined Dish Cookbook
4. Fabric Shaver 9. Portable Solar Power Bank
5. Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 10. NuWave Air Fryer

Health & Wellness


1. Motivational Water Bottle 4. 32 oz. Water Bottle
2. Resistance Band Set 5. Training Shoes
3. Biker Shorts with Side Pockets 6. Loose-leaf Tea Infuser



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