Reasons to attend TBI iMPACTs

To further your knowledge on the latest and greatest technologies, and how they’re shaking up the industry, TBI has rolled out a new series of events called iMPACT. These single-day gatherings focus on how partners can capitalize on opportunities presented by solutions impacting the market, and will feature keynotes, panels, and breakout sessions with the industry’s strongest providers.

We’re hosting iMPACTs in the following cities this year:

If you’re near these cities while an iMPACT is taking place, stop in, have a few drinks, and join in on the fun. Here are reasons why you’ll be glad you did:  

Keynotes and Panels

We’ve invited some of the biggest names in the channel to come speak at our iMPACTs, including leaders from Verizon and Comcast. Our platinum-level sponsors will discuss what they are doing to change with the rapidly evolving industry, and will participate in panels to discuss the disruption happening in the channel. This is a unique opportunity to hear some of the sharpest thought leaders in our space give advice on which technologies you can drive the most revenue with, and how to position them to your customers. 


Breakout Sessions

At each iMPACT, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with each sponsor in small groups to learn more about what they offer and what differentiates them from other competitors in their space. From provider speed dating to mini boot camps, these intimate forums present a great opportunity for partners to directly engage with providers and ask questions. They break up the day and enable better engagement for those whom prefer a more hands-on style of learning. 


The opportunity to network with a variety of channel professionals from all over is perhaps the biggest advantage of attending an iMPACT. We’ll break away to a more relaxed setting for food, drinks and conversations with elite salespeople from around the country. Attendees will have a chance to share tips and gain unique perspectives that can help further your success. You’ll also be able to interact with executives from TBI and our provider sponsors, and pick their brains on where the industry is headed and which technologies you should be investing in.


Above all, attending an iMPACT presents and unprecedented opportunity to learn. Whether you’re absorbing information on how to sell the hottest new technologies or you’re gathering tips from TBI, providers, or other partners in attendance, the educational possibilities are limitless. Regardless of how experienced you are in the industry, you’re bound to walk out knowing something you didn’t know before.


Those who don’t adapt get left behind. The road to greater success starts with a change of mindset. Now’s not the time to be reactive; the only way you’ll win big is by being proactive. Get ahead of the game and register for the iMPACT nearest to you today!